Tender to touch painful lump

Hi, anyone experienced the same problem? 
Mom had bc and her treatment finished 2020 all clear in March. She then had mammogram in jan 21, all clear again, specialists felt and said all good, however now GP said they felt a lump and referred to breast clinic. Very worried could it be worrying really panicked :(( 

@ga1234  - your Mom is very lucky to have such a supportive daughter, I’m glad you found this forum and hope we can in turn help support you through this worrying time. 

I’m not medical so obviously not qualified to give any medical advice, but I can share my story. I had my treatment for BC about 4 years ago and on 2 of my yearly mammograms since then they spotted a lump. Like you, I was terrified but thankfully it turned out to be the same lump both times and is a fibroadenoma (benign lump). There are many explanations for lumps and it’s good that your GP is being ultra cautious. Remember what @Shi  always says, you don’t have BC until someone diagnoses you - so while you wait to go to the clinic try not to let your mind rush ahead. Try to keep in mind that your Mom has only recently had a clear mammogram too. 

In the meantime you might want to give the lovely nurses on here a call - 08088006000 (number is at the top right of this page too).

We are here to listen and hold your hand through this so please come back and chat any time. I and everyone else on here totally understand your fears, we all fear it returning. Sending you and your Mom strength and hugs, and I really hope the lump is benign. Evie xx