Tenderness in Breast Bone- anyone had it?

Hi all,
I am nearly 2 years finished treatment for Grade 3, 2.6cm, triple negative BC- so on no further drugs.

I have noticed recently that the very bottom of my breastbone is tender to touch. As I know the ribs are a likely place for bone mets, I am of course now getting a bit worried!

Has anyone else had this and if so, what was the explanation?

Thank you for your help


Hi Katie

Sorry I can’t help you with breastbone pain, because my bone mets are in my hip, (and hot spots in my neck and shoulders.) My hip pain felt like a muscle strain, which I at first put down to aromasin aches.

However I do very strongly urge you to get it checked out! I left my pain for a while because I was having aches everywhere due to aromasin. There could be plenty of other explanations, but you want to put your mind at ease as soon as possible.

Take care and I really hope that you have bumped and bruised your ribs, or some other simple explanation!

Take care Nicky

Hi Katie

As Nicky said its best to get it checked out. I did have sternum pain and may have a small rib met but it was too small to say for sure. That was six months ago. I have another scan soon so still don’t really know. I do know that you can get bone pain for many strange reasons.

I had severe pain in my collar bones, convinced that it was bone mets. I also had terrible headaches. I had a bone scan and a brain scan, both were alright (apart from the bone mets, I already know about). It was explained to me that when you get a severe headache, the muscles in the back of the neck clench, which in turn effect the shoulder muscles, which clench and pull upwards causing pain in the collar bones and surrounding areas!

So it just goes to show there are many reasons for pain. I had all that stress because of bad headaches.

I always think its best to check things out as the worry is destructive but as you can see its not always bad news.

Best wishes

Paula x