Tenderness in rib cage

I had WLE, chemo and rads, which finished in July last year. Now I have tenderness in the rib cage on that side and under the breast. It just came out of the blue and hasn’t gone away - my fear is that it is mets in the ribs or something even worse. I am going for an Xray tomorrow - but dreading it. A bit of me doesn’t want to know but then if its not the cancer it would be a huge relief. It is so hard having this worry and not being able to show it, but carrying on as normal with the kids and at work.

Anyway, I would be really grateful if anyone could tell me how long can people live if they have mets in the bones.

I can’t comment on bone mets as I do not have these. Just wanted to say good luck with the x-ray and hope it comes back clear … have u been offered a bone scan at all?

There are many people on this site who are living with bone mets and I am sure they will be able to give you some advice. Good luck for your Xray, hope it is not what you fear, and well done for facing up to it and getting it investigated

Louise x

I have also got tenderness on one of my ribs and have got a scan booked for tuesday. Good Luck Syoull

Thanks for your comments - I’ve had the Xray - now the wait. Good luck to Topper with your scan (what sort of scan are you having?).

I still have tenderness in ribs and ribcage and put this down to the radiotherapy. It alters everything! I am now nearly 5 years on and well so pls don’t worry too much.

Hi I had WLE Sept 07 and rads Dec I still get soreness of the ribs where my bra comes in contact. I think there are past posts you could look up on the subject.
Good luck with the x ray
Caz x