Terrible knee pain

Been on Arimidex for 10 months after BC reoccurrence after 12yrs, mx failed recon and sepsis. My GP does not think my knee pain is due to meds but it has only happened over last few months, can hardly get up after sitting and difficulty walking or getting out of car, sending me for x-ray so will see what this shows (or not) ?

Hi Eva, joint pain is a known side effect of Arimidex. All the aromatose inhibitors block the production of oestrogen and block the uptake by receptor cells in the tumour. The information leaflet with your tablets will explain this. I have had the same stiffness and joint pain which exercise has helped with. You don’t say how old you are but I’m guessing post menopausal to be prescribed this. It could be a degree of osteoarthritis too which is what the X-rays are for. Glucosamine and chondritin available over the counter to help lubricate the joints may help and have you considered swimming as that is non weight bearing exercise. Hope this helps. ?