Terrified of breast exam

I noticed 3 weeks ago that my left breast looked swollen compared to right and when I lift my arm up the skin at the base of the breast looks uneven…bumpy. I also have pain in my left armpit and general aching around the breast but haven’t found amy lumps. My husband was nagging me to get it checked and I couldn’t get a GP appointment until this Thursday but there are no female doctors at my surgery so it’s with a male gp. I am very private, don’t feel comfortable being naked in front of people, not even in swimsuits and am sick to the stomach at the thought of being examined especially by a man. My husband says he will have done it/seen it all before which I know but it doesn’t stop me feeling absolutely terrified of being prodded by someone. Did anyone else feel like this? I realise if I need any further tests that this is a drop in the ocean of embarrassment ahead but I can’t help feeling like this.
Thank you for taking the time to read :slight_smile: x

Completely understand where you are coming from but your husband is right… it’s all in a days work for doctors and you will possibly have a nurse present or could ask for a one to be with you if that would help. I am on the chubby side so hate being exposed in any way but have got myself so stressed about my boobs I think I would have happily shown them to anyone that could have given me an opinion. I sometimes find that male GP’s can ofter come across a bit more sympathetic too. Hope all goes OK for you, few glasses of wine the night before and when in the Doctors just lay back and think of something nice, it will all be over in a matter of minutes. X

Thank you so much for replying Sessy. I shall definitely be re-reading your post before going in. I know to some people it probably seems daft to worry about that side of it but it really helps to know I’m not alone. X

If it helps, you can bring someone with you to the appointment or ask the surgery for a (female) chaperone.  Please don’t let the male GP put you off - much better to have it checked out.


Is there a chance that there may be a female locum standing in?  Worth asking, or letting the receptionist know your concerns.  xx

Hope all has gone ok today, you’ve been in my thoughts. X

Thank you Sessy, I was a basket case before my appointment today but he was really nice. Whilst I still found it really embarrassing and awkward he couldn’t have been better about it. I’ve been referred to the breast clinic. He couldn’t find any lumps but said because of the indentation it’s better to be safe and check it. I am rather scared about going through the exam all again but know I have to face it. X

Well done you. I have been to breast clinic today and was an emotional wreck. The staff couldn’t have been nicer. I had a breast examination done by a nurse, then a mammogramme which was painless, I was then given my results and another breast examination from the main doctor. Followed by a little telling off for consulting Dr Google and getting myself into such a state. I got the all clear and am now just chilling as the last two weeks of waiting have been awful. If you are worried at all talk to people on here or ring the help line… I rang last night and blubbed down the phone to a lovely lady who did her best to reassure me that most referrals turn out to be normal breast changes. Take someone with you when you go and steer clear of goole. Thoughts are with you. X

So pleased that things turned out well for you and that the experience at the clinic was good. That’s half the battle isn’t it being treated with care and compassion when you’re frightened. I too am guilty of consulting Dr Google even though I know I shouldn’t. It does help being on here though, only my parents and husband know about all this and unless it turns out that I have something bad that’s how I prefer it. My husband has been very upbeat but I can tell that he is worrying but so grateful he doesn’t say it as I need him to be strong about it all. I will do as you suggest and take my mum with me on the day. Enjoy your well deserved rest and calm and I will let you know how I get on. X