Terrified of C4 categorisation of FNA results

Hi, I found a lump in my left breast late Feb and had an ultrasound and fna late March. I was told during the process that my lump looked like a cyst but when she tried to aspirate it, she said it was a bit more difficult to get the fluid out and said it’s more likely to be a glue cyst. She sent off some samples for testing and a week later, I received a call saying they had found atypical cells so I would need a core biopsy done to further investigate.

My appointment for the biopsy is this coming Tuesday (a 2.5 week painful wait). She told me not to be unduly worried, however when I went to the doctors about another lump on my breastbone 3 days ago (that she says is probably unrelated) we looked at the fna results together and I saw that the samples are classified as c4!! So highly suspicious of cancer! I’m totally freaking out and am convinced that my new breastbone lump is because it’s spread to my lymph nodes there. I’m terrified of leaving my 2.5 year old gorgeous son without a mummy. This wait is unbearable! The lump also suddenly seems to be growing quite quickly and I’m beside myself with worry and panicking that I’m too late for treatment.

How quickly can tumours grow? I’m trying to keep busy but it’s so hard.

Thanks for reading. X

Hiya, please try and slow down a bit, I know it’s so hard when your mind is racing a million miles an hour but you haven’t been diagnosed with anything for definite and trying to second guess what the outcome will be will drive you nuts!

Cancer doesn’t grow that quickly and a few weeks while being investigated would make no actual difference so don’t get yourself in a state about that, one step at a time is the key, just try and focus on getting your biopsy done and a definite diagnosis one way or another and leave fretting about anything beyond that for now as its not going to do you any good, my way of dealing with it was to think no amount of anxiety on my part was going to change a thing and just made me more miserable at an already horrible time, you just have to try and ride out the days, I know it’s the pits but hey I’ve had BC and I’m fine as are many many other ladies here! We don’t want it of course but you do cope with a diagnosis , please let us know how you get on Xx Jo