Terrified of mammogram


I feel so silly saying this but I’m absolutely terrified of an upcoming mammogram!

I’m 27 and I have naturally very lumpy and bumpy breasts. I stopped breastfeeding my dd two years ago and recently I have found a round smooth lump on my breast.

I went to the doc who told me my lump was smooth and round whereas with cancer the lumps can appear quite uneven. She told me not to worry but she has sent me for some tests and I’m currently a week into waiting and have another week to wait.

I’m driving myself (and my dh) crazy! I can’t concentrate on anything and the hours seem to be dragging by. I don’t have any history of breast cancer within in my family but I do smoke and I know if I do get diagnosed I will never forgive myself.

The lump is still there, taunting me! It feels as though it is connected to something like a tube within my breast but even with the positive possibilities, I feel as though I am just waiting to be diagnosed. I have two young children as well.

Does anyone have any advice on how I can get through this week without driving myself even more bonkers!?

Thank you in advance xx

Hi, did they tell u it would be a mamogram as normally they do ultrasound for woman under 40?
The waiting is hard, i had ultrasound and biopsy last Monday, get results this Thursday… u just have to stay positive and keep busy, and talk to people about it. The more u talk the easier it is to keep ur mind focused on the positive outcomes. Which there are plenty, most lumps (90% for woman ur age) are benign so stay positive hunny. xx

Hey thanks so much for your reply I hope everything works out well for you on Thursday!

I’ve been asked about that a lot but she definately said mammogram to me, even I’m finding it bizarre now! Maybe she meant ultrasound, maybe it’s because of my really dense breasts I’m not sure.

I really am trying to stay upbeat and to everyone else (bar immediate family and hubby) ive passed it off as hormones as I don’t want people to think I’m worried, but I keep reminding myself I have a whole seven days to wait and I’m not a patient person at the best of times ?

Thank you so much for your reply, can I ask how old you are? X

Hi ladies ,horrible anxious time ,good luck both of you.Yes, vast majority of breast lumps are benign and 75% of biopsies are not cancer either .Mammograms/further tests for women with dense breast tissue are also routine.Fingers crossed for you both.

I’m 29, funny u say about passing it off as hormones because that’s what iv said to everyone it probably is so that they don’t worry about me. Don’t like people worrying and fussing over me. Patience isn’t one of my strong points so this past week has been torture! Though it has got easier day by day. And that’s all u can do at the moment hunny is take it one day at a time. xx

Waiting for results when you are so anxious is the pits,hard to concentrate on anything else.Let us know how you get on.

Hi Hun I’m in the same situation in 32 have a young child 17 months found a lump on my breast waiting now to been seen by a specialist at the breast unit I’m trying to keep busy but it’s really hard assorts keep going threw my mind as soon as I wake up and also in my dreams it’s scary as hell the waiting is the worse hope you are ok and hear something soon take care