TERRIFIED of Removal of Groshong Line

TERRIFIED of Removal of Groshong Line

TERRIFIED of Removal of Groshong Line I am due to end chemo in 4 weeks and have had terrible trouble throughout with my line. It has been prominent in my neck and chest and has caused pain and I have had 3 infections. I am terrified of having it taken out. What is it like to have it out… and can I be put to sleep? Honest experiences and help please. Thanks so much ladies.

removal Hi Sue
You really musn’t worry.
I had a groeshong line in and was also terrified about how they’d take it out!
When I went in just for the day, the sister cleaned it all and snipped the stitches and then said that she would lean on my chest and give it a gentle tug to see if the collar had attached. So she did this, pushing down on my chest and then said, there you go, all done and she’d pulled it out! Didn’t even feel it!
I then had to stay lieing down for an hour just to make sure I didn’t bleed and then I went home for a lovely shower!
The most painful part was the removal of the stitches but really nothing , so don’t fret. It’s definitely not as bad as getting it put in!
Don’t forget that it’s not you they pull on! It’s just a tube! Oh, forgot to say that they tell you when to stop taking the warfarin before hand so you don’t bleed to death! Mine was 3 days before.
Well done for getting to the end of your chemo! Fantastic!
Love KitKat

Echoing KitKat Hello Sue46

I do so sympathise. I, too, was deeply apprehensive about the removal of my Hickman line (same/similar to Groshong). My experience was similar to that of KitKat, except that mine was done by a doctor. She said I could choose to have it done there and then on the chemo ward or have it done under light GA . I said let’s see how it goes, so she then just pressed VERY FIRMLY on my chest for about 30 seconds and pulled it out! If you are worried about stitches being removed, you could ask for some EMLA anaesthetic cream to be applied beforehand: it takes about 30 minutes to work. (My stitches had already fallen out previously.)

PICC line removal I was terriefied of this until just before mine was due to be removed and I watched a very frail and elderly man have his removed in seconds without batting an eyelid.

As with everything else the fear of having things done is worse than actually doing it, I hope you find this to be the case too.

Steph x

removal of line I had an infected hickman line removed in the pre-op room by surgeon. He put in some local and I felt nothing at all - looked away and it was out. No problem. Dont remember him pressing anything either.