Hi there,

Here we go again 11.5 years later. Back first time I posted here when I had small hormone receptive tumour in one of my breasts. Double mastectomy, chemo, radiation and 10 years of tamoxifen. I actually forgot about breast cancer. (I did not need double mastectomy, I just chose to chop my breast off).

This summer everything has started with a pain in my hip when I sleep (paid zero attention) and stomach problems, which I presumed indigestion/gastritis etc. After two week of holidays and eating out in restaurants I looked like I am 3-4 months pregnanat (I am petite and skinny). Went for an ultrasound and immediately ended up with MRT. Fluid (aceties) in my tummy, lots of cancerous growth as they say, ovaries have lump etc, 1 metastasis in my peritoneum and 3 in my bones. Having diagnostic surgery next week to pump out the fluid, take biopsies of everything what possible. I am 50 in 12 days. First diagnose I was 37.

I feel physically fine, cannot eat, no appetite, pee every hour a bit. Keeping myself busy with work and family, I have two teens. 

Doctors are all very calm and say prognosis is not good. Is it time to make arrangements? Do I have like 3 months to live? I am not in uk but in Europe. We have excellent healthcare here and everything is available for me. 

thank you for listening.

Barbamama You are in charge you can ask your team directly any questions you want to know It’s your choice To know what treatment plan is and how detailed you want it to be, you are in charge It’s good to know with you being in Europe that you have everything available to you Sending much :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :sparkles: :sparkles: Shi xx

I wish I could think of something to say that would take all this away. But I just want you to know you’re not alone, there are others reading what you wrote who don’t know what to say either except that we hope it gets better soon. Beyond that though is first thought for me is I’d wait to see what the biopsy says. Is it a recurrence or a new cancer. That will determine treatment and prognosis. And secondly there has been a lot of stuff to hit since your first diagnosis 11.5 years ago. People live with mets right now some for decades. No one knows what’s possible in each individual’s case and right now the specifics of your case aren’t known either. Hopefully those answers will come soon and then your doctors can advise you on your best foot forward. But you are the one at the wheel. You get decide how to handle this and what to do in response to it. Everything in me wishes you the wisdom and knowledge to move forward in the best light possible. Much love sent your way…


i am 52 and live in the UK. I have secondary BC in my spine (3 spots) I also have no pain and live a more or less normal life, it’s just my emotions that sometimes take over. I was diagnosed June 21. There are many treatments out there for ER BC, ladies on here have been told by there oncologist to view this as a chronic illness. I have a friend who has SBC for 5 years in her hip then it moved to her liver but treatment has got rid of the liver tumour. It will become easier in time. A nurse said to me if one treatment doesn’t work there is a cupboard of other treatments and occasionally it can take 2nd or 3rd treatment before it kills the buggers.

Be strong and take care.

Louise x