Terrified Hi
I am writing this as I feel really stressed today and could’nt think of anyone who would understand how I feel, except the people on this site! I had a left mastectomy and complete node clearence on the 6th Feb for widespread DCIS. Unfortunately a lumpectomy done at the same time on the right showed more problems so I need a further mastectomy. To add to the fun I had an arterial bleed at the time of the first op. which needed a few more hours in theatre and a big blood tranfusion. This left me feeling really awful for several weeks but am now feeling much better, just pathetically tired. The problem is that I go back to the hosptal on Friday to discuss the next op date and lab reports, (they are saying that at the moment I don’t need Chemo or Rad, but warned me they were sending samples for second opinion), and I am terrified !! The thought of signing a another consent form for the the same operartion that nearly killed me a few weeks ago is dreadful.
Any ideas, apart from wine and Gin, to help get through the next few days, as I can’t concentrate on any thing and feel a nervous wreak

Jarnold You have been through the mill, no wonder you feel the way you do. I don’t know that I can say anything to help ease your fears. The only thing is that the hospital know the problems from the last op and will be very vigilant. Why not ask them what additional precautions they are taking in light of the previous experience.

I just wanted you to know I’m thinking about you - cyber hugs!


— —hi jarnold just read your post really hope it goes well for you on fri i will be thinking of you ,itso awful to have to go thru another op,at least there always someone to talk to on here,try and keep focused on good things.lots of hugs dippy xxx

not surprised! I can undestand how scared you must be feeling. everything in your brain and body must be screaming ‘not again!’

However, having had a huge list of problems myself when my son was born, (including massive haemorrhage) I do know how VERY vigilant the staff are the next time round. You will get even more care and observation than usual.

I found yoga breathing and meditation helpful when really stressed. Also visualising how well everything is going to go, so you stay as positive as possible. I started with CDs. If that fails, hit the wine! (Actually alcohol is a depressant, so go easy!)

My mastectomy and recon were done 6 months ago on Sat, so I will certainly be thinking of you.
Let us know how you get on,
xx Helen

More cyberhugs Just thought I’d my support, by now you should have had some answers, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed. I didn’t haemorrage after my mastectomy because they realised before had I have this wierd blood thing and have hardly any platelets, so by now they should be REALLY careful with you,
Good luck