Hi Everyone, Happy Easter , I am terrified   I had Bc 2009 reconn chemo and extemasene.  I had my last appointent at clinic  in march  but as  i have been having excrutiating arm pain, diagnosed as Carpel tunnel and  tennis elbow, i requested a scan. Well I got one.  and then a Ct , then a call from Reg…   I need to attend clinic as hot spots seen. Ok  I hadndled that  but that was 3 weeks ago,  due to Easter holidays no clinics, I am now awake all night convincing myself  I am terminal, I have  no pain other than in arm  and reg said hot spots were in rib and pelvis. I have rung hospital,  ( I also work there ) ands no one  will speak to me ,  just attend clinic next Friday.


Can anyone advise me,  the thing is  when I go in work on Tuesday I could just look up my results ,  but I wont  , i just need a bit of  reassurance. I have been reading the bone mets thread for the last 3 weeks,  it does help a lot,  but not at 3 am in the morning when them  cancer gremlins multiply  xxxx


 love to all 


Hi, and sorry you are going through a difficult time. I’ve been living with bone mets since 2009 so just a few thoughts from my experience. If the hot spots are bone mets, these are currently considered incurable but they are treatable and it’s possible to live years, sometimes many years, with them. The hope is that new treatments will come out in that time which might keep us going for even longer. So while I really hope you don’t have bone mets, it’s by no means an immediate death sentence. Over the next few days I would suggest keeping yourself as busy and distracted as possible and calling the BCC helpline for a chat once it reopens. And posting on here if it helps to ‘talk’ online.

All the best and let us know how you get on.


Tournesol x