Got my first appointment at the breast clinic on Monday afternoon. Have no idea what to expect and feel terrified. I found my lump several weeks ago but did nothing about it - so many things happening, etc, etc. Hubby confirmed - he had felt it - last Saturday and pushed me to book in at the docs. Off I went on Monday - expecting her to say nothing there to worry about, normal, in my imagination… Totally astounded when she confirmed it! My boobs are on the larger side and this morning I can’t feel the lump - am I going mad? If its a cyst, could it have dispersed? I don’t want to waste anyones time but getting myself in a right state…

Hi bjp,

It is good practice for your gp to have referred you to the clinic as that is the only way to get to the bottom of what it is, mostly, it turns out to be nothing serious at all. Good on your hubby for encouraging you to get it checked & you are certainly not wasting anyone’s time.

The doctor will see you first, take a history, do a breast examination & then normally a mammogram. You may also have an ultrasound examination & possibly a biopsy if it is not clear what it is. If you have a biopsy, there is another week or two’s wait for the results.

Inevitably, it is an anxious time, but you are doing the best thing you can do by getting it checked out.  Statistically, it is most likely not to be anything serious, but if on the off chance it is, then you’re in the best place to get it sorted. 

ann x