Terrified ?

Hi, I have had awful pain in my left breast for some time but just thought body changes after having two children. My husband found a lump, even though I check my breasts regularly I didn’t notice! I went to the gp yesterday and was given an appointment for Thursday. He was very kind and tried to put my mind at ease but also looked concerned and told me he was referring me urgently!I am so anxious about it. I literally cried all day yesterday ? when I had the missed call from the hospital I thought I was going to be sick!
I dont know what to expect which is making it worse! I think it’s the fear of the unknown!
I know the chances of it being breast cancer are low but all I can think about is the chance it is…

Hi Wannie,

There’s no easy way to get through the wait, we’ve all been there at some point. It is normal procedure to be referred under the ‘2 week rule,’ so it’s good your GP has done this. 

So you have an idea what to expect, most clinics will aim to do any necessary investigations on that day, so you will need to allow at least a couple of hours. You will be seen by the Dr, who will examine you & will most likely have an ultrasound examination, if it’s clear what it is you may well get the all clear then. A mammogram may also be done.  If it still isn’t clear what it is, then a biopsy of the lump maybe done, in which case, there is a further week or 2’s wait for the results. Even if you have a biopsy, it does not necessarily mean it’s bc. 

There is further info on the main bc site here, just follow the links. 

There’s nothing more you can do now, so it can help with the wait to try to carry on as normal, keep yourself distracted & avoid googling your symptoms as this will only make anxiety worse for no good reason. 

You are right, mostly it turns out not to be bc & for the vast majority of women who post here, there turns out to be another simpler reason for the breast change. 

If you want to, do let us know how you get on. 

ann x


Hi Wannie

I’ve had similar experience sharp stabbing pains in right breast on and off for a couple of months not connected to cycle, then I thought I felt an almond shape lump, went to gp he didn’t think he could feel anything and was very positive but gave me an urgent referral to breast clinic. I have my appointment this Thursday. It’ really hard not to worry and run ahead, I’m trying to just focus on the appointment and that the chances are there’ll be nothing, but trying not to think beyond that and keep myself distracted. All the best hun xx

Thank you Ann, I haven’t googled anything as I know I will only make my anxiety worse. I’m trying to stay positive which is something I’m normally good at but it’s been hard. Thank you that’s made me feel better busting having a rough idea of what they might do. I will post on Thursday x

Hi lulumay, oh I’m sorry you are going through this too. It does sound the same ? That’s a good sign that he didn’t feel anything and fingers crossed that everything goes well for you Thursday, I will be thinking of you it might take my mind of my appointment on Thursday. Please let me know how you get on and I will keep you posted. Xx