Tests tomorrow - gulp!

Hi all,

I went to Docs with breast lump Monday and have a ‘one-stop’ appointment at the hospital tomorrow morning. The lady who rang me with the appt. told me that it meant they’d do all the necessary tests tomorrow morning then call me back in tomorrow afternoon to discuss the results. How can that be? I’ve seen lots of posts on here about people waiting for biopsy results…?

I thought I’d be alright until tomorrow but have to say I’m starting to feel almost sick with anxiety already :frowning: I have two little girls, 10 & 7 who I don’t want to leave behind or upset by being ill.

I’ve been focussing on the possibility that everything could be OK but now I’m struggling - I like to face things and work out what I’ll do about different situations but now I’m sat here at work, trying hard to concentrate on what needs doing, scared to think about what tomorrow could reveal but somehow unable to think for long about anything else…

Does anybody have any advice to get my brain back under control?



hiya gm , i just wanted to reassure you that everything you are feeling emotionally is completely normal , there will be othere along to support you soon , its such a scary time because we venture into the unknown , i wish my hospital had given me my results the same day - i had to wait 2 weeks which was horrendous as they told me at the one stop clinic i had cancer and was awaiting type etc , my sister in law is being treated at hospital in shrewsbury and she was also given her results the same day , 80 % of breast lumps turn out to be nothing so if you can try to focus on that , hard i know as we automatically assume the worst , but you will be in safe hands of the experts and they will do everything to get you through this if it turns out to be the dreaded cancer , dont be afraid to ask anything on here , someone will always be around to help and advise you , this is a site where nothing is too much trouble . good luck and keep posting - trish xxxx

Hi M
you going to a ‘one stop’ clinic which is good as you get some sort of idea same day other clinics you have to wait a week to go back for the results. In a way its better to have an idea the same day

It is so worrying & that sick feeling I think we all know where your coming from there, 9 out 10 of all lumps are benign & hopefully yours will be too, try not to think beyond that or you just drive yourself in sane (hard I know)

Keep us posted … wishing you all the best for tomorrow

Mekala x

Hi GirlsMommy and welcome to the BCC forums

I am posting a link to the BCC ‘Referral to a breast clinic’ publication which you may find helpful:


Our helpliners are here to offer you support and information during this worrying time too on 0808 800 6000, the lines are open 9-5 weekdays and 9-2 Sat.

Take care


Exactly this time last year I had my appt at screening clinic. I was called back after my first “routine” mammo. I was 50; so a bit older than you, but feeling very scared.

The staff were lovely; I had my mammo (magnified one; I expect you’ll have a standard 1)again followed by an ultra-sound and breast exam. As nothing showed on my ultra-sound but did on the mamo (area of calcifications no lump). I then needed a bi-opsy which was booked for 2 days later.

I had initial results (it depends I think on how busy the dept is) on the day after the screening completed by the Doctor Radiographer who explained re the bi-opsy I have to say I didn’t take much in so please take someone with you if you can. I didn’t & regreted it; a bit of support goes a long way.

As others have said more often than not it is something benign; & if you do need treatment the earlier the better.

I won’t tell you to try to not to worry as I know what a panic I was in last year. It may help for you write any concerns down before you go & show them to the staff when you get there.

It will get less of a worry when you know what is going on; please try not to “google” until after your appt as you could scare yourself even more & then if you do keep to good sites like this one. Wait & see what it is & go from there.

Thinking of you tomorrow & everthing crossed that you have good news; please let us know. This site was so supportive when I went through my treatment. You have so done the right thing by getting this checked out.

Take care

GM, you’re normal, and if you feel frightened, it’s ok to acknowledge that. We’ve ALL been there, and we all know just how horrible, but unreal, it feels, and how impossible it is to concentrate on whatever else you’re supposed to be doing.

I’m really glad you’ll get results pretty much the same day. I had to wait a week, during which time I convinced myself I should be arranging my funeral! Needless to say even though it did turn out to be one of those 2 in 10 that isn’t benign, I’m still here and have NO intention of attending any funerals any time soon, particularly not my own!

If you’re able to stay at work and do something useful, particularly if it keeps your mind busy, then I would suggest you do so. Being busy and having a distraction from all the thoughts whirling round your head is a GOOD thing. If it’s something you might do, you might want to take the girls out for something or other this evening, again to keep your head busy. A pizza? Or bowling? Or a trip to see the latest Harry Potter? Anything to keep your head full of other stuff. if you can’t sleep tonight, don’t worry about it. Most of us have had various sleepless nights while in The Waiting Room, while waiting to find out what’s going on. I’m just glad you don’t have too long to wait.

We’re all here for you, I hope that knowing that will help you to feel less alone. It’s a horrible place to be, but as has been said, 8 out of 10 people who walk into the breast clinic walk right back out again through the All Clear door and never have to join this “club”. At the moment you’ve filled in your membership form, I’m really looking forward to hearing that you aren’t eligible!

Good luck for tomorrow


oh gosh, I remember that, cogs whizzing round in my brain, taking charge of every thought I had and turning into something to do with cancer. The more i tried to get them under control the worse it was. Feeling as if i was on a bike, rushing out of control with no breaks down a steep hill towards a busy road and i could not see if it was clear down there or if a ruddy great lorry was hurling along it on a colsion course with my weedy little bike.

I tell you before i had even attending the clinic I had been on websites looking and wigs and hats, and had contacted a cold cap manufacturer to see how expensive caps, slippers and mittens were in case my hopital did not supply them.

9 out of 10 breasst changes are not cancer. If they do a biopbsy tomorrow, remember that 50% of biopsies are clear. And even if you are then one of the unlucky ones, there are so many different types of cancer and other treatments besides chemo and masectomies.

i cannot tell you not to be scared, it wont work. All i can suggest is that you stop trying to be brave and accept that what you are feeling is a completely normal reaction.

do come back and tell us all how you get on at the clinic–we could do with some good news

One-stop is the way to go as far as I’m concerned - but the majority of us had a long, long wait for results as they are few and far between. Even a week can feel like a lifetime!! And it’s the waiting part that is the worst.

I really, really hope it’s good news tomorrow. But if is is bad news, please remember that most breast cancers are completely treatable (not that that makes it any less scary) and once you have a treatment plan everything gets a bit easier. And we are always here for support.

In terms of getting your brain back under control I would just try and keep busy! If you don’t have an “other half” do you have a friend who could come round for a natter tonight and keep your mind off things when the kids are in bed?


Thank you *all* for your warm support and advice xxxx

I’m clear! I have lovely cysts. The specialist is writing to me with the official results but said if I hadn’t heard from him by 7pm last night I was clear.

It’s such a relief to me. It’s the third time I’ve been through this - the first time I had surgery to have a lump removed, the second time it was a cyst too. Couldn’t help feeling I was working my way down the 9 out of 10 probability.

The difference this time was my little girls - I had no children the previous two times - they soooo change your perspective on things.

Again, ladies, I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your warm and considerate help and advice.

I wish you all the very very best of luck.

GM xxxxx

Thats wonderful news :)) So very happy for you
take good care
Mekala x

Wonderful news, thank goodness.

Good luck and hugs. xxx

PHEW! And isn’t the one-stop the way to go? I wish they had them everywhere. Now you can have a lovely, lovely weekend! xx

Wahey! Girlsmommy, great to read this!
Have a truly wonderful weekend

Lovely to hear good news and wishing you good health for the future xx

Brilliant news!!! what a wonderful start to the weekend.thanks for letting us know.

give those girls a big hub