Teva Anastrazole!

So, I just rang my usual chemist who is an independent to see if they had any of the above in and they tell me that Teva Anastrazole is out of supply.  They also say that I can’t have unless my prescription states a particular brand.  Unfortunately my GP practice will not do that so gor past 3 years have gone to this chemist who has always got it for me.  Feeling quite stressed about it as don’t want to have to swich brands now. Anyone else have same issue? Thanks!

Hello MysteryMouse,

I have Teva stated on my prescription.  It does not help at the moment though as no supplies it would seem of this brand.  I have had a script in at Boots for over 6 weeks waiting.  Fortunately, I have managed to amass a few months stocks, planned for such times and because I usually have to wait a while to get (GPs fortunately not paying attention to my reorders over time!).  I have contacted Teva twice. Last times they said supplies would be available at the end of June.  Still waiting. I may ring again soon. 

Perhaps ring around some different chemists and see if they are holding any stocks.  I rang another Boots but unfortunately they only had a partial box. If the worse comes to the worse, I will just have to try another brand.  However, I have been taking the Teva one for nearly 3 years now and would rather stick with what I know.

Hope you find some soon or obtain a suitable alternative,

Take care,