Teva brand Tamoxifen

This brand is considered by my reading to be the best. I have had no side effects from it:-) However encountered difficulty getting it in chemists. Phoned up Teva and they were very helpful indeed. Most pharmacies should be able to order it in for you. All my local chemists stocked the wokhart brand and from reading on here it seems to bring on side effects in alot of women. I’m sticking with Teva. Thought i would share this in case anyone having difficulty getting it. ?

Just got me first prescription from hospital pharmacy and it is Teva brand ,that’s good I will take box to my local pharmacist and ask him to look into ordering for me for when I get next prescription from G.P,Thanks for the tip Dee.

Hi, just came across this thread whilst researching brands of Tamoxifen. Am now 4 years into a 10 year stint of taking it and have experienced various problems with some brands. Wockhardt made me come out in a rash and MAHolder gave me terrible itching below. Similar happened using Relon Chem!!! It seems I get tiredness and cramping whatever brand I used

 I have now reached the point of sourcing a small independent pharmacy who are very happy to order in particular brands for me. So… Based on the positive comments I have read about Teva, I am going to try that for the first time ever! I am hoping that like many of you it will be kind to me and allow me to get back to the life I had before the dreaded BIG C took over. 

Watch this space !!!

Good luck Jackie ,apart from thinning hair and some mild joint pain it has been kind to me so far. Boots the chemist have been helpful in ordering specific brands.I take it at night not sure whether that helps with tiredness or not.

Hope you get on ok with it Ros.I found that side effects seemed to settle after a couple of months ,but nothing dramatic with this brand just the odd hot flush ,minor joint pain(not all the time) and some thinning of hair.

Yes ,I had rads at Preston.Seems like quite a good place to go, the only one with free hot chocolate anyway !!!I got addicted to my daily teacake was my reward for going!!

Poppy it’s worth speaking to the pharmacist at your local Boots I have found them very helpful re getting specific brands and I know others have found the same.It may because they get judged on customer feedback but whatever the reason I have found they are really helpful and understanding.What a load of rubbish side effects “in your head”,with so many women noticing the difference with different brands how can they say that!!

Go to another GP in the practice and ask , did you try Boots?Go in and say other women have said Boots pharmacists are really helpful re getting different brands.

Hi Poppy,


I went to Boots and they put on my " file" that my preferred brand was Teva. When I’m due a repeat prescription, I pop in past and they order it for me. However, a couple of months ago, there was no Teva to be had (not in my area) so I tried Mylan brand. This brand seems to be suiting me better than the Teva did. As for BCN’s saying tamoxifen is tamoxifen, I wonder if they’d be so flippant if they had to take the stuff!! ??? X 

You are most definitely not imaging it Poppy!!Stick to your guns and try and get what suits you .Sure there is info on this website about different brands affecting people differently ,not anecdotal stuff ,info from BCC.

Hi Poppy,


Last time I couldn’t get Teva brand, I contacted the Teva patient helpline (0800 590 502) to find out if the was a shortage. They said that the UK supplies had dried up and that they were expecting a shipment in late September. They were really helpful, so perhaps you could contact them and find out if there is a local supplier near you? Might be worth a try. The first person I spoke to at Boots was pretty unhelpful, so I asked to speak to the head pharmacologist and that’s when I got the note on my file. Good luck and let us know how you get on. Ann X X 

Teva is fab on it now for 6 months and no side effects woo hoo xxxxx

Oh well I’ve just been given the Teva brand after being on the Wockhardt brand for months so will be interesting to see if I feel diferent. At the moment I am very stiff and sore in my joints at times also my hair is thinner and not in good condition .maybe the teva brand will be better for me