TGIF Thank god its friday, what a long aching body week…but for get about that the weekend starts here…We are all off to New York for the weekend with the birthda gal…our Karen…whoopee.
Must admit did start the celebrations a bit early, like last night with a drink or three or maybe more. Bit rough this morning, but eh no problem, I am so excited. Please feel free to pack your bags to come on the cyber trip (no mention of that dreadful Euro song to be sung at all Lyn…lol) So get yourselves all ready we are going to party all weekend…Dont forget to bring your passports and anything else you can think off…No Karen that does not include your next door neighbour its a pure GIRLIE WEEKEND, well thats unless we pull, suppose the only thing I could pull was a Yellow cab…lol…

Off to get a spray tan now so i can mix and mingle with the stars, that the one in central park with the wino’s …lol

Bye for now see you soon, the more the merrier, and if there is a lot of us, I am sure Karen can hire a private jet…(shes everso rich you know)with John Travolta as the pilot…wow…



YIPPEE!! hi wait for me i havnt packed yet ,and my teeth are still at the dentists waiting for me to try on!!lol! i need them for all the hot dogs im going to eat! just remeber to blindfold me as we get on the plane as im scared of flying. hope we get to meet some stars, mmm john travolta has always been my fav!! catch you later in the airport bar im just off to duty free! love lynn x

Am here but where is everyone else??? Got to put out one of those message things on the loud speaker, cannot find you Lyn and Karen where are you…I know you are hiding cos your embarrassed to be seen with me looking like this, have been scrubbing for ages but it now just looks streaky I know…
Well just wait for the message to come over the tanoy…I be at the Bar at the mucky duck next door to duty free…lol


Will I do Elaine? Just like our old travelling days, sigh.

Happy Birthday Karen, sorry I’m a bit late, been away for a coupla days and just catching up. Hope you had a good one.

Give me a hand up onto this bar stool Elaine and I’ll happily wait with you.

Valerie x

WOW ME OLD MATEY Well how fantastic is this, at least one of the gals will sit with me…she did laugh quite a bit but serves her right she now has the hiccups…so glad your hear Valerie, Karen and Lyn are still playing hide and seek…but never mind if its me and you thats great all the more men to get off with, and all those cocktails to slug though,a girlies dream come true…Pity about the flight delay but eh the dog and ducks open lets go back and have a hair of the dog or three, sometimes delays can work ok…Mines a bloody mary…just to line the stomach…whats yours Val.


hiding! there you are ive had to hide in the ladies for hours!! everyone wants my autograph seems i look like a certain princess (must be the new teeth)lol!!and im dying for a drink. i see youve already had one or two,honestly cant leave you alone for one minute can i. just saw karen coming through customs seems that they wanted to examine the birthday cake she was carrying, personally ive never seen candles like that before !! oh well time to fly put me blindfold on and carry me up the steps ,heres to a super holiday ,hurry up you two i told you you cant carry all those bottles on board!!! love lynn x

Theres allways one Stop fidginting lyn,everythings going to be fine…just have a little sip out your medicine bottle, good idea of Valeries to fill it full of vodka…

Theres allways one that holds the plane up, when she gets here lets duck down so no one knows she with us…lol

If that child does not stopping kicking my seat hes gonna get it…

Lyn one slug of medicine at a time we have a long journy ahead, ooohhh look little posh tv’s for us all, never flown first class before, as any one told Karen we changed the tickets and she has paid the extra, maybe shes had to sit in the hold with that damn birthday cake…

Shut yours eyes Valerie you will feel better and stop eyeing the steward up…


are we there yet? my medicine has run out , was it supposed to make me dizzy? and how was i to know your only supposed to go to the loo alone ?that lovely man said he didint mind sharing!! anyway let me know when i can get a drink my throat is parched, can we stop off at duty free, hello, where are you all? no stop hiding , i really didnt mean to walk into the cockpit, and that lovely driver with the jaunty hat said it was ok,and why was my seat belt tied so tight? took me ages to undo i can tell you, now where are you all??!! love lynn xx

I’m here…where you been hiding… let me guess …in the bar…or was it the duty free’s?
at last we’re in the Big Apple…wow…Elaine…please stop throwing yourself at those yellow taxis…where we off to today then i reckon Macys and Tiffanys…well we can look even if we can’t afford to buy anything…unless of course elaine has managed to hold on to that rich yank she pulled last night…Lynn…honestly your teeth look fine just go careful with those big american steaks…Valerie how many of those bloody marys exactly did you and elaine have???

karen x

Let go of my leg man…I said I’d call you… for goodness sake, Lynn, get him off me will you? There that’s better, what it is to be popular…oh, was it because I didn’t pay him? sorry, my mistake. Thanks for getting that Elaine, I’ll pay you back later.

Oh who knows, Karen, you know I can’t count past 10 drinks without taking my shoes and socks off, LOL. Still tomato juice counts as one of my 5 a day, doesn’t it? I must be up to next Thursday by now.

I can’t actually go to Tiffanys I’m afraid, banned the last time I came here for dropping bagel crumbs…well how was I supposed to know that Breakfast at Tiffanys wasnt supposed to be taken literally?

I’ll just wait outside pulling faces at you all through the windows. Do get that tiara Lynn it’s very you.

Valerie x

tiara if i get that i really will look like a cretain princess with my teeth i think they mistook me for a horse you know. and i suppose wearing this evening gown to shop in didint help did it!!anyway ive a few things up my sleeve, no i havnt pinched them i am going to pay just couldnt find a basket!! anyway heres to the next shop where are we going next?

CARTE best empty your sleeves first Lynn…wheres Elaine got to…she’s not still trying to talk that chap into buying her jewellery is she…now Valerie will you be allowed in this shop …wot do you mean no, how many have you been banned from???..wot about The Empire State building tomorrow??..would only be a quick visit though as our plane leaves at 6pm tomorrow…oh yeah meant to apologise about not being able to use the private jet…sorry hubbys got it this weekend lol !!

karen x

WHERE AM I Hello everyone, I am back must have dozed off, love this city theres yelow everywhere, thanks for the hot dog, lyn really was getting the munchies…Karen slow dowm I know its your birthday but theres no need to snog every man you see…lol…Lyne closs your mouth those teeth are dazzling everyone…Hi Brad. whats her name…
Look theres posh spice who invited her on this trip…


wheres posh? oops there she is nearly walked through her ,not an ounce of fat on her is there girls??!! she cant like hot dogs then. im hungry again please can we go back to that lovely resturant what do you mean no elaine ,now you know my teeth need to be worn in and what better way than to munch our way through the menu! and if were all going to the empire state building we will walk off the extra pounds lol ! oh look ,its daviv hassalhoff hey mind you dont fall over him! i suppose now is not the right time to ask for his autograph. ! see you all at the bar ,im off to get another hamburger .hmmm what relish shall i have on it this time ! yumm yumm ! x lynn

All of those celebraties could hardly contain myself…what do you mean elaine by you had noticed…i still haven’t caught up with you in the snogging league yet…mind you Lynn’s not far behind…even if she did have to get her teeth back out of Brads mouth…poor valerie she’s totally over come with it all…oh well back to reality now…thanks for making my birthday so enjoyable girls xxxxx

karen x

home welcome home girls hey i didnt want to come back was enjoying myself so much whose birthday is it next? start planning!! and my suitcase is full of goodies! will keep me going for ages,going to the dentist today to get him to file my teeth down a bit ,got fed up of people bowing to me!!lol! speak later love lynn x