Thank god I had a mastectomy

Just been for my results of MX and they found another lump that they wound not of found if I had a lumpectomy. Having a bone scan next week and hoping this is going to be ok.  Taken 46 lymph nodes out and 6 were cancerous.  Love to you all  Suzanne   xxxxxxxx

Hi Suzanne :slight_smile: Good luck with your bone scan next week

Love and hugs to you x x

Had same thing. Consultants thought I had DCIS until they did the MX and found IDC. So glad I went with the MX.
Good luck for the future.

I had a Mx some years ago, then about 5/6 years later, had pagets, so nipple removed. So understand your feelings. I had DCIS, high grade, so obviously hadn’t all cleared!Recently had the same the other side…!