Thank you!

Hi all,

Iam Mands and I will be 30 on the 4th, I have 2 children and have been with my partner for almost 14yrs.

I have been reading alot of your comments and advice that you give to women in the same scary situation, and would like to say thank you all.

I found a lump in one breast and the doctor found one in the other, and of course my mind ran away with my emotions and left best friends fear and panic in charge who coincidentaly behave like wild teenagers!!

The advice, knowledge and reassurance, love and care that you all give out saved me from losing control. I read many many pages and many many posts, some made me cry, and some helped me more than you could ever know!

I am however one of the lucky ones and everything is fine for me, had ultra sound and needle aspirations today and got the results in 45 mins, all no where near as scary as I thought.

You are very brave women and I admire you all for your bravery and courage in such a difficult time for yourselves and taking time out to help others. You offer terrified and worried women a place of comfort, support and most of all friendship. Ladies keep up the good work, you are highly valued and very much needed.

Thank you Mandsxxx

So glad that you got good results it is a joy to hear xxxxxxxx
Good luck and enjoy the rest of your life xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hello, Mands, So pleased for you. You have had a very worrying time and although you are clear you have still been through all the emotions which take their toll on you. I know exactly how you feel about this forum. I am awaiting surgery and this forum has been so important to me. Being able to read concerns, experience and advice of others is so helpful. I too have laughed and cried, this has helped me to remain balanced and maintain some normality at home and work.
Good luck to you. x