Thank You

I have only recently discovered this site and it has been a god send when it comes to helping me keep things in perspective.
In February I thought that my biggest problem was that my husband had walked out on me after 21 years to live with another woman (he did return). Then in march I mentioned to my doctor that I had discovered another cyst in my breast and asked if I could ignore it. He sent me for tests and in May they diagnosed invasive ductile carcenoma. I honestly thought that I was being punished for something. However, this site has made me realise that other people are going through much worse things than me and that I should stop feeling so sorry for myself.

thank you all,


Hi Jan,

So sorry to hear about your diagnosis and the challenging times you’ve had. What treatments are you undergoing? I do hope it is all going well for you. This site is a godsend isn’t it…

Take care of yourself


Hi Tam,

Thanks for your comments.I was lucky with my diagnosis. The lumpectomy removed a 2cm tumour and the Sentinel node biopsy showed that there were no cancer cells in my lymph nodes.The tumour was oestrogen receptive. My Oncologist strongly recommended that I have Chemo (FEC) followed by radiotherapy and tamoxifen. I am currently awaiting my third cycle of chemo on Wednesday, although my blood count was a bit low this morning.

Don’t you just love the name FEC? it sounds like an expletive from Father Ted.

Hope all is well with you,