Thank you

Hi all who responded to my sister’s thread about my constipation…
I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your weird and wonderful ideas on what to do, I didn’t think there were so many!!
Thankfully I’m now out of hospital, I never actually thought I would make it and Im sure it was a close call a couple of times, my symptoms from the brain fluid mets went a bit uncontrollable hence the long stay and whole brain radiation whilst there. I cant believe I’m out. In the end I’m using a liquid paraffin emulsion called Agarol which I had sent over from Australia (cant get here for some reason) mixed with chocolate flavor sennacot granuals made into a hot chocolate type drink, I liken it to draino as it really did the job and finally got me checked out of hospital!
Im dosed up to the eyeballs with Steroids which I hate as I feel my head looks like a football but I guess Im not in pain so who am I to complain!

Thanks so much once again for all your thoughts and ideas, it really meant alot to me and my sister, who is arriving this afternoon so very excited.

Take care and lots of love
LaraC xxx

Glad you are home at last Lara and having your sister with you will be fab. Take it very very easy as I know from others that WBR and steroids take a long while to recover from, so be kind to yourself.