Thank you

I know this is my 2nd thread in a day but it seems that from all I have read, its the waiting that is the worst part. I read some great advice somewhere on here and I can’t remember where but it was basicly about not 2nd guessing what you don’t know and trying not to dwell on it and carry on living…so I went in the shower, I sorted through everything in my mind that  I knew and when I got out the shower my anxiety had come down a notch and I had a feeling of relief. So thank you to whoever posted that tit bit.

Hiyer Emily,


It wasn’t me that posted that piece of advice, but well done on actually applying so that it helped you. Sometimes, when anxious , in the place you are at the moment…you can hear and read words but it takes a lot of hard emotional work to resolve that anxiety by retraining your thought processes. I’m glad you’ve been able to rationalise some things. Oh, by the way, there’s no limit on starting threads here…you go for as many as you like !  :0)