Thank you

Thank you for your kind thoughts. I just can’t seem to cope with how I feel. I am so guilty and cannot seem to process that feeling. I’m sorry to burden people with this

Anne, first of all let’s cope with the guilt. do you know what it is exactly you feel guilty about.

hugs ramade xx

I didn’t go for my mammogram three years ago and if I had they would have found it before it spread. I feel I’ve committed suicide. As you can see - I’m hopeless

It does help but I seem to be completely consumed by despair. It’s so unlike me really and now I’m pouring my heart out to people I don’t know and avoiding my friends.

I know I should try to look forward but I can’t see a future. The outlook once it’s in the bones doesn’t seem too good - I don’t want to upset anyone

That’s very encouraging. I feel so ashamed of myself. I can’t eat and cant seem to do anything x

Thank you. It just all seems so hopeless and I feel so tired x

Thank you x

Anne you are amongst ladies here who have bone secondaries who have survived 10 plus years and are still going strong! You can’t give up at the first hurdle my love, there is no Doctor on earth who can tell you for certainty what your life expectancy is , you could have a dozen ladies with an identical diagnosis and they would all go on to have a different outcome, all the googling about prognosis is just fueling your fears.


Keep your focus here talking to real people who are going through it first hand, what’s done is done and as with everything in life the best thing to do is learn from it and move on , dont the carry guilt around with you, park it up and keep going! 


None of us primary ladies here have any guarantees, I had a grade 1 small tumour with a great prognosis but it could still come back and has done for ladies with similar, we have no control over what’s going to happen but we do over how we deal with it, I know how you are feeling, that there is no point in anything and how your future has been rocked but your here today and you will be tomorrow , live in the moment and don’t let cancer rob you of your spirit!


You will find your way back Anne Xx Jo 


Thank you. Good advice. I’m allowing cancer to take over my life at the moment and only I can change that. I’m glad things are so good for you. Enjoy x

Hi Anne
Very sorry to hear about your diagnosis and I wish you all the best with your treatment.
It is very easy to blame yourself but please don’t-cancer is indiscriminate and not your fault. You can think what if I had done this or that but like everything in life, you can’t change what has happened. However you can have a say in how you face your treatment. Ask questions, go for counselling, don’t Google! Have a read of the Inspiring stories section section of this forum. I posted on my 3,4 & 5 year cancerversary. There are lots of us out there to help & support.
Big hugs x

Thank you. Don’t google is really good advice but I google constantly!

You are very kind and wise and I will do my best.

Yes I had a look at those courses. They look good

Thank for bothering to write so thoughtfully. My oncologist said my tumor may not have been there three years before but she may be saying rhat to try to make me feel better. I have three very small areas on the bone and am having hormones and chemo and bone injections. Will I be able to work? She didn’t seem offer much hope !

Thank you. I promise I’ll look when I’m feeling stronger. Sun has finally come out today! I wish someone could reassure me that this may be manageable for some time x

hi Anne,
Please try & hold onto the wonderful advice & reassurance you’ve had here, where clearly, many others are finding this ‘manageable’ into the long term & are getting on with life.
Do take care & sending hugs
ann x

Will do. I’ve managed to get off the sofa today and am doing washing! Sunny day and lovely husband home (but a bit bored of my miserable face!) Thank you so much for being so patient. I hope I’ll be there for someone else one day!

Good to hear, Anne! x