thanks baldeagel and tracey

thanks baldeagel and tracey

thanks baldeagel and tracey Hi Tracey and Baldeagle

Thanks for your stories and words of advice.

Unfortunately I can’t have the tram flap from my stomach as I have previuosly had extensive surgery to my stomach to repair muscle damage. I am 35 and did weigh 6 and a bit stone before starting on the mighty steroids - now weighing a good 8 stone and desperate to lose weight! I’m only 5 feet tall and don’t have much muscle on my back so not sure if I could have the tram flap from the dorsi latimus.

I was in ICU and HDU last October with necrotising facitis which is the deadly flesheating superbug. I went into toxic shock and was critically ill for quiet some time. Had to have several debridements, IV antibiotics for weeks followed by skin grafts. I had to have vac therapy for seven weeks and just as I was making a recovery was diagnosed with BC and mets. Due to the risk of reinfection all the surgeons involved in my care are not keen to operate for obvious reasons. Hence why I am looking for reconstruction options with the least amount of surgery involved.

I have an appointment with the breast surgeon on the 4th June but need to see the plastic surgoen as well. I hope to book an appointment with him next week.
The breast surgeon prefers not to do reconstruction at the same time as he believes it can be affected by the rads. I don’ t have anymore chemo planned after my 10th cycle in the middle of June. On the other hand the plastic surgeon does not think rads should cause too much of a risk with reconstruction at the same time.

There seems to be so many decisions to make with such big consequences which ever way you choose to go. I guess you just have to follow the advice given as best you can but at times it’s difficult to know what to do for the best.

I’m glad that things have worked out for you both.

Thanks again.
All the best

Poor You You have been through the wars and back again.
Seeing the above and if i was in your shoes (touch wood) i would def go with what the surgeon was saying i think its good advise, my plastic surgeon also told me about the effects on an implant recon whilst having Rads, it can harden it apparently and you dont want any more complications. Im sure the plastic surgeon will give you some good advise to.

Good luck with your decision.

Take care