Thanks sofadoc & mummy

Thanks so much both of you,my op has been move forward to sept25th,going in on 24th.Ive been so nervous and couldnt sleep so came back on here to find2 surprise messages from you :slight_smile: Im now under Mr Hart and Ive not even met him as I was with Mr Malyon,what is he like?Ive got a million things to ask-what nightwear and pants to take,plus I snore so bad lol,what scars are on the breast etc.My tummy is huge so after the fat for my breast is taken will the remove the excess fat away as well? sorry if I sound daft but so much has happened so fast,im even going on hol with my daughter & grandson(booked before when it was a late this year op)Would love to hear from you again before I go in,and congrats to you brave ladies for coping better than me lol.My best wishes Debs xx

Hi Debs

Can I just check if you’re having a DIEP reconstruction?

I had this op in March and I’m really pleased with the results. In terms of nightwear, I took in several pairs of pyjamas - button through tops are a must!

For the first couple of days after the op I was in the hospital gown which was fine as they were having to check the flap every 1/2 hour. As for pants, I found I couldn’t wear any as I had 2 drains, one on each end of the abdominal wound - but that was ok and pyjama bottoms were fine.

Not sure about how much of your stomach they’ll take - I think they took only as much as they needed from mine for the new breast.

I’ve now had a new nipple made and a tattoed areola, so am feeling more symmetrical and very happy with both boobs (my unaffected breast was reduced at the same time as the DIEP to match the new one). Everyone I meet is incredibly complimentary - I think they expect to see me looking ill, pissed off and for my chest area to look strange…but it really doesn’t - it looks great!! I feel like a new woman and 20 years younger at that!

As for scars on the breast - for the last few months I’ve been rubbing Bio-oil into them and also my abdominal scar and they all seem to be healing well, though still very visible, but I guess this will fade over the next year or so.

Lots of luck to you, Debs.

Lizzie xx