thats that then

Results yesterday=me chucking the hubby and kids out=complete meltdown x

Hi lowfatlovatt,

I really think you need to talk to someone to help you through this. Call the helpline if you can. Or call another helpline. Or if all else fails, PM me.

What was the result? You WILL get through it, I promise! Love Mel. X

Hi lowfatlovatt


So sorry you are feeling so low, please do as Mel has said and seek some further help, you have been through a terrible time and need further support, sending you love and hugs xxxxxx

Sending love and hugs as well!


reach out to someone!!

Hi lowfatlovatt so sorry to hear how youre feeling. please let us know how you are.
hugs and thinking of you xx

Thank you for all the love and hugs, I just didnt want my hubby and kids seeing me in the state I was, after a good talk with the hubby this morning they are now home where they belong, my hubby made me realise that I need them as much as they need me (probably cuz he cant work the washer) and that he’ll be with me every step of the next stage which is chemo x

Aw good news, really pleased for you, take care and think positive,  love Louise xxxxxx

So pleased you’ve sorted things out lowfatlovatt, as you say your family needs you just as you need them. It’s a tough journey but you’ll get through this.

Love to you and your family

Tracy XXX

So pleased you’re all back together where you belong. Its a rough journey but you’ll get there. And easier to have family behind you supporting you all the way. Hugs xxx

Hi jhanchi

If you are on a landline the call will be free

Best wiehes
Lucy BCC

Hi jhanchi

Most network operators don’t charge for 0808 numbers. Even most mobile companies. You can Google charges for 0808 numbers to check your operator.

Take care, Mel. X

Hey lowfatlovatt,

How are things now? I’ve been thinking of you… xxx