The birthday thread

I’m starting another new thread. One where we can wish friends or fellow forum users a great day, but that only the Secondary ladies (and sadly, probably some gentlemen) can see. As we can’t see everyones birthdays, and only know if you have befriended someone, post your own birthday notices too!


Kicking off with wishing Carolyn52 a wonderful birthday tomorrow! I won’t share her age. She is a wonderful person - so up-beat and very helpful to all, and a great new friend.


Hugs to all, and happy birthday to anyone who shares the day (either today or tomorrow). Barton.x

Knew u would get me back …thanks for popping over yesterday with my pressys. .it was nice to sit out in the Sun and have a catch up too.

Hello ladies glad you had a good birthday Carolyn.I am a Leo and mine is on August 16th Also in the Chinese horoscope you look up your birth year and I’m a goat or sheep !!! I do follow people more than being a leader.Love to you all on this sunny Sunday xdebs

Hiya Barton.
Glad u splashed the cash on a table chairs but ouch …delivery charge a bit hefty for a five minute journey …rip off .
But with this gorgeous summer now started it will b so nice for you to sit out on the balcony …free vitamin d too !!

Happy Birthday Carolyn for tomorrow have a good one xxx

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Carolyn happy birthday to you!!!??

Hugs Janette xxxx 

Thank you for all my birthday greetings. Been to next sale and greggs for some cakes but too hot to do much.
Going for a family meal later .hope it will b cooler but a few g and t will be good!!
Hugs xx

Hiya funny face
Not sure how the time difference works out across the pond so wanted to say :
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Have a lovely day …hope the scan results were a good birthday treat too.
Carolyn xx???

Oh FF …sending every possible hug and cyber kiss across the pond to you for good results .
Carolyn xx???