The British Bird of Prey Centre in National Botanical Garden of Wales

Just wanted to share so if anyone has ever wanted to have amazing experience of being up close and getting opportunity to fly birds of prey this has been an incredible day of a lifetime doing this. I did horse therapy post treatments which was Macmillan funded for 4 sessions. Todays at the Birds of Prey Centre is currently not a funded option but it was extremely reasonably priced for the birds flying and the opportunity to have them land on your glove and your ticket into the Gardens is valid for a week. So just wanted to share if anyone has wanted to do this and not sure where to start I find being around animals powerful and soothing, I know it’s not for everyone but wanted to share if anyone else finds it helpful :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :sparkles: :sparkles: Shi xx

The British Bird of Prey Centre is a specialist collection of British raptors, focusing on the welfare and conservation of our native species of birds of prey. The new centre is based in the National Botanic Garden of Wales, so you can visit us during your day in the Garden.

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