The colour of my fingers

I saw Prof Mortimer yesterday because my Lympho nurse was concerned that my fingers have started to go a bluish red when I wear my sleeve. She got me pretty worried as she said that my veins could be obstructed due to radio and I may need a vein scan. Anyway, the Prof was very reassuring and said it wasn’t venous obstruction, just venous congestion which is ok apparently! Anyway, thought I would mention it in case anyone else has similar problems. You only need to start worrying if the discolouration doesn’t improve when you take your sleeve off.
He did say a different make of sleeve may help (I have Medi) so now might be the moment to see if I can get a differen sleeve. It seems that quite a few makes are now available on prescription, which is now free - even better!

Really, really pleased to hear you don’t have a serious problem, Hatts.

Hope a new sleeve will sort things out for you. I see that quite a few manufacturers had placed big adverts in the latest ‘Lymphline’ mentioning their ‘on prescription’ products.



Thanks Bahons2. Yes, I noticed that in Lymphline too. I get the feeling my lymph nurse only likes Medi so I might have to put my foot down! I think you have mentioned Haddenham before. Is that a good one to go for? Any other recommendations?

Hi again, Hatts

Yes, Medi seem to be the preferred supplier for the NHS (they must be the cheapest or do extended credit…)

Lynni has just got a Medi ‘Mondi’ sleeve (new line, I think), which she thinks is much better. So that’s one idea.

Juzo sleeves also seem to be popular, too.

I live in France now and my French Health Service sleeves are made-to-measure by a company called Thuasne and boy, are they ugly (but they fit very well, of course). So I keep them for the winter, under long sleeves and go for Haddenhams Venex off-the-shelf in the summer. Lighter, smoother, cooler, more attractive colour (or colours - they also do, or did, black, white, navy, brown or blue/grey). I have to order my Haddenhams sleeves through my ‘old’ private lymphoedema therapist back in the UK and then she posts them on to me.

But your lymphoedema nurse/GP should be able to get them for you if you are in the UK. As far as I know, they still won’t sell direct to patients because they need confirmation from a trained professional (NHS or private) that the sizing is correct.

Hope this helps! Did you ever buy that lymphoedema cookbook, by the way?



Thanks for that. I shall do some research before my appointment with my lymph nurse on Thursday. No, I never did get around to getting the cook book!

What’s the difference between the Haddenham Venex and Doktus?

I’m not sure, Hatts

From the sound of it, the Doktus ones could be more heavy duty. But that’s just a guess…

Perhaps this is a query you could e-mail them about? - I think the e-mail address is given in their ‘Lymphline’ advert.



PS Have also sent you a pm.

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Regards Sam

I’ve been through quite a few makes, and am currently on a Jobst made to measure sleeve… it’s bliss! It has a grip top, and a silky pocket at the elbow inner. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure the make depends on the class of compression you may need, and the style also i.e. do you need a handpiece, thumb, fingers, grip top or bra top etc.

My arm currently measures 20% larger than my ‘good’ arm. When I first started on made to measures I was up at 30%. So a steady fall over the past 2 years. I’m hoping if it gets down a bit more I can drop to a lower compression, so not so thick.

I think the Doktus ones are quite industrial if I remember correctly!

Well, that’s good to hear Betty because I am just back from my appointment and whilst I wanted to go for a Haddenham sleeve, I’ve ended up with a made to measure Jobst! I haven’t actually go it yet but was a little shocked when she showed me a sample one. It looks rather heavy duty compared to my Medi one! Also, it has a seam. Will that rub?
Oh well, it will be good to try something different and if I don’t like it, I’ll go back to the good old Medi!!

I have posted this on behalf of new user Betty.

Regards Sam (BCC Facilitator)

Hi Hatts,

I’ve never felt the seam rub, but it does leave an imprint when I
take it off.

Have they given you a silky pocket on the inner elbow? That made a huge difference to the comfort for me, as I always felt it rubbed and the skin was very red.

I have a jig to help put my sleeve on, and that also made a huge difference to the comfort. It just seems to be able to even out the compression, the sleeve always finishes higher on my arm, in a more comfortable place. I bought that myself from Medi.

I have 2 new Jobst sleeves on order and due any time now… let me know how you get on with yours. They are quite thick but for me they are certainly more comfortable - hope they are for you too.

Thanks Betty. I don’t know if I am having the silky bit! I already have a jig which I don’t use anymore but I may need to with the new sleeve. My nurse recommended that I fold the sleeve in half to put it on so that I can be sure that the elbow darts are in the right place.

I will let you know how I get on, once I get the sleeve.

hi find that if i spray my arm with dry oil from avon my sleeve is so much easier to put on and of course the oil is good for the skin ,its a bit hit and miss with all the differant sleeves available now ,i usually find the lightwheight one dosnt do much good for compression of fluid .hope you find a suitable one soon .lynn x