The CraftThread

I thought I would start the craft thread in response to the bones thread. I feel a bit like a dignitary opening a local fete lol. We can include all types of crafts and perhaps arts too? Like painting etc.
I am going to make a few mono prints soon. My Icelandic. Wool has arrived for my Sarah Lund sweater( good grief I hear you all say.she’s going on about that sweater again… It’s just that I am excited) but am still awaiting my circular needles Oh the torture of waiting.
Looking forward to contributors
Xxxx Sarah

Excellent - thank you Sarah!

I mentioned the knitted cowl I made on the bones thread, and would really recommend it, I got the pattern from the Ravelry website, and it is called Green Sea Cowl. Like you r jumper Sarah, it is knitted on a circular kneedle, but just a small (16") one.

I used Noro silk garden which produced lovely bands of colour.

Happy knitting!

Julie x

p.s. just changed my profile pic to show the finished result, although the colours are brighter in real life!

Good evening…I have my best hat on for the grand opening of this thread. :slight_smile: Just to say haven’t been watching The Killing but I googled Sarah Lund sweater and found loads of hits!..I’m the last, as usual, to be on blooming trend. Have you tried the Addi Turbo circs? They really are super quick.
I enjoy knitting, mostly for little ones, toys, accessories, blankets. I also always have some tapestry kits on the go and one day I will learn to crochet. I’m not very good at dressmaking etc but have made some little hanging hearts with little hand stitched messages on them for loved ones and I’m now the proud owner of my Grandma’s beautiful Singer sewing machine…purchased in 1930.
Happy Crafting all…and thank you to Sarah for opening this thread.

Hi Julie, ooh that’s a lovely pic, gorgeous colours…I love using 2 different colour mixes of Noro for simple scarves and shawls…I just alternate the yarns every 2 rows and carry the yarn up the side.

I made Icelandic sweaters for whole family years ago! Can’t find my circular needles now.
I started knitting earlier on this year but didn’t finish it - thought it would give me something to do after chemo ha ha .
Gonna knit hat n scarf combined as they seem to be in vogue again

I’m here too for the opening! I almost feel as if we need to cut a ribbon, or open a bottle of champagne, to mark the occasion. I exaggerate but its such a relief to be able to talk about something we obviously all enjoy doing rather than the obvious.

I’ve been watching The Killing - the US version - and was expecting it to conclude recently only to be left in suspense. Are there ‘Sarah Lund’ knitting kits then? I can sense your excitement, Sarah! Can you describe the pattern at all?

Does anyone like ‘All saints’ clothing at all? It is rather overpriced but they sell some really lovely asymmetric knits that I’d love to be able to replicate myself - they only go up to a size 14, which is just about my size, but I only know how to follow a pattern and not create my own.

I’m definitely looking forward to following everyone on this one!

Thanks, Sarah.


What a great idea, thanks Sarah, think I might nip off and get togged up for this opening!! Like Belinda, I love knitting and it’s usually for all my friend’s little ones and when they get bigger I start knitting for their dolls!! Because I have to follow a pattern very carefully, I can’t think about anything else or it all goes horribly wrong, perfect. Might have to have a go at the trendy hat come scarf Margaret, is there a pattern available? Simone xxx

I am glad you all like this thread.
Funnily enough I couldn’t find a Sarah Lund kit. I have bought a fabulous book, northern knits by lucinda guy. There is an Icelandic pullover pattern with the snowflake pattern, and then some zig zaggy pattern on the yoke. I am going to miss that out and replace it with smaller snow flakes. Lunds sweater has bands of snowflakes but I am not going to replicate that exactly. I went to tkmaxx today and saw lots of Icelandic inspired knits. Yum!
X Sarah


What a fabulous thread - I’ve taken up knitting again on the basis that i"ll have lots of time when I won’t feel like doing much but will want to be doing something…
I went to a shop to buy some wool and was horrified at how much wool is since I last bought it - about 15 years ago. I started knitting a scarf for hubbie on the basis that it was a simple thing to start getting the hang of knitting again, before I realised that if I went to Armani I probably wouldn’t find a more expensive scarf. So now I’ve decided to knit something more ambitious and would really like to knit a vintage style jumper or cardi.

I googled vintage pattern books and there are a number - but does anyone by any chance have experience of any of them and can recommend one?

I too only saw the US version of the Killing - and thought the end was inconclusive to say the least!


Sounds like we were last buying wool at more or less the same time, Alison!

I knitted a lot of Icelandic stuff years ago but haven’t done any for ages. That book sounds very tempting though, Sarah. And thanks for the thread.

These days I’m mainly doing patchwork, braiding and tablet weaving but I could get back into knitting …

Eliza xx

Try logging on to ravelry, the knitting forum. They have loads of patterns. Just type in keywords for a search
X sarah

Not got a pattern yet.Will try ravelry. I stupidly got rid of all my patterns and most of my needles a few years ago when I decided I wouldn’t be knitting any more.

Great thread idea!

I knit, crochet, make little lavender bags, cushions etc. Always looking for new ideas. My local cancer research charity shop had bags of beads, lace, ribbon donated by someone who cleared a warehouse. So I bought a load for a fiver, but don’t know yet what to make…could not stop myself from buying though!

I have lots of time at the moment and find crafts very therapeutic! And it’s great that knitting and crochet is back in ‘vogue’.

At the moment working on a crochet blanket made of ‘granny’ squares. Ravelry is good for patterns.

Nikki x

Thanks for ravelry site - I’ll see what they have on there. I’ve never crocheted, it always looked to hard! Perhaps now is the time to learn…


Just been to my local library and the shelves are brimming with knitting and crochet books. :slight_smile:

I am making a blanket with double ended tunisian crochet at the moment.
I am also into Patchwork and quilting, and have just bought an embroidery machine.
I am a retired Occupational Therapy Technician, as I worked in Adult Mental Health I know the benefits of creative handywork. Although this went out of fashion in O.T. for some time, I think it is regaining some
ground now.

That’ll teach me for getting overexcited!
My needles came, hurrah. In a frenzy of wool and pattern I began… couldnt wait to do the snowflaky bit. it looked so nice when it occurred to me that I didn’t really have enough stitches. I had forgotton to increase 6 sts after I had done the rib 8-(.
So, all unpicked and started again. On the positive side, circular needles are not so difficult. The red and cream wools look lovely together. Note to self: READ THE BLASTED PATTERN PROPERLY lol
x sarah

I really wish there was a ‘like’ facility on this forum, as there is on FB. It does make you lazy, but sometimes it is the entirely appropriate response!

Did you borrow any of the books that you saw, Belinda? I spent a fortune on books when I first started crocheting!

Sarah, how irritating, I’m always doing things like that in my impatience to just get started. Btw, I also got carried away with knitting on circular needles recently and attempted to follow Cat Bordhi’s methods, especially in making a moebious scarf. It was not as successful as I was hoping it would be - I did manage to finish it - but I will perhaps try again in the lead up to Christmas.

In the meantime, this thread has inspired me to finish off a knitted sheep I started in the late 90’s - so far I have got the pattern out!

Have fun everyone.


Hi, I often use circulars for straight knitting as I find them easier on the wrists and fingers…chemo, hormonal stiffness etc.
I too have spent a fortune on books. Had a CT today :frowning: so afterwards I popped into the library and picked up Knitter’s Lib (free yourself from pattern dependency) and Take-Along Knitting (20+ portable projects.) Hmm okay but will spend more time choosing next time, was in a bit of a rush.
Then I popped into the nearby bakery for a fresh cream cake.
Knitting, stitching, cream cakes are all lovely diversions. :slight_smile:
I have a half knitted dinosaur to finish and I started a knitted sheep (a Timmy) a while ago…I’ve lost him, he must be somewhere.
Christmas presents to make anyone?
My list,
A rainbow snake,
3 dinosaurs (toy patterns from Zoe Mellor’s Knitted Toys)
4 pairs of fingerless gloves,
5 scarves,
4 lavender filled hearts…so far number completed…nil. Oops.

I learnt to crochet while I was off work during chemo, started making finger puppets, my mum took them into work and sold them for charity, managed to raise about £65.