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Hello again,

 I thought I was a ‘healthy eater’ being mainly vegetarian with the odd portion of oily fish .

This cancer challenge business is making me do a lot of reading around eating to prevent illness. 

Sharing my best find so far.



Hi Rosina, I think you are right to take a second look at life style choices. It’s always a good thing to be as healthy as possible. There is no medical evidence that cancer can be cured by eating vegetables, or grains or being lacto/ gluten free, but being aware of the impact of foods to support our bodies through this illness can only be good. I have certainly upped my intake of vegetables, especially kale and spinach , now I am on the aromatise inhibitor Letrozole. There is an excellent interactive web site identifying foods and their support functions. I cook mainly from the Royal Marsden Cook book, and the one produced by Maggies. Such a wealth of balanced information in them. I believe there is also a good pamphlet available from Macmillan on healthy eating. x