The difference a bra makes

I always suffered from very painful breats and doctors always said it was hormonal and related to my periods.

Anyway, a few months back I went to a local department store where a lady from Playtex was doing bra fittings, I was wearing a 34C bra with underwires and when she measured me she said I was actually at least a D Cup.

I had gone all my adult life buying bras based on a measurement I had in my twenties.

I told her how painful my breasts were and she said that the wire was blocking my ducts and so might be causing blockages and infections. Indeed the wire did dig a little into my actual breast tissue, not painfully , but i can see how if there were ducts there they would have been blocked leading to this problem making the rest of my breasts painful.

Well I bought the new D Cup bra and the breast pain went and I have not had any breast pain since, so I am mentioning it just in case anyone elses breast pain might be caused the same way as mine was.

Hey Chandrika,

This is a very informative post. I am also suffering from breasts aches, maybe it’s also because of my bra size. I will try and do as you suggest here in your post.

Thanks for sharing this, you helped a lot, gave me the idea that
may be I am also using the wrong bra size.

Thanks again.

Thank You for ur topic. I think it’s a very important topic. Thank you again.

hi most of us women wear the wrong size bra alway alway go to a proper bra shop and get measured and the underwires are just for a nite out when u want them to lift up!!! joke not for the comfy days pammi

Hi, I am just curious, does wearing a bra that doesn’t perfectly fit for you would lead to or could be reasons of having a breast cancer? They also said that once you’ve delivered and breast a child, you’ll get lesser possibility of having a breast cancer?



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Hiya Kristine,
I dont think wearing the wrong size bra can cause breast cancer.
Also I did breast feed all 4 of my children and I did get breast cancer.

My understanding is that if you breast feed it does reduce your chances of getting breast cancer.(maybe my odds were bloody high?)lol

No history at all in my family it is more common to get breast cancer like a bolt fromthe blue. (thats my understanding of it anyway) love caron xx

Hi Kristine
Like Caron I was breast fed my 3 kids and was actually still breastfeeding my 9 month old baby when I was diagnosed. So, whilst Breastfeeding is meant to reduce your chances of getting Breast cancer its not guaranteed – unfortunately!.
Good Luck