The dreaded day.

Well it’s finally here, after what seems the longest week & a half. I’ve been awake since 3 am. I’m relieved that the day has come, but so worried too. My breast, armpit & arm are so tender, the thought of pressure from the mamogram & the biopsy needle is horrible. I’m not usually like this & have a high pain threshold. I so hope that today I’ll at least be given an idea as to what the oncologist thinks & can deal with what lies ahead. I’m sure we’re all the same at this stage…knowing what we’re dealing with is easier than this in between stage where you put your life on hold & imagine having to tell loved ones of any difficult outcome. It will in some ways be a relief to come out of this bubble where I’ve felt so consumed & alone. I’m expecting the worse case scenario due to the list of symptoms, the amount of time I’ve left things & the fact that an early hysterectomy (everything including ovaries was removed.) Means that I can’t blame a menstrual cycle on the issues…But hoping I’ll be pleasantly surprised by a good outcome! Wishing hope & love to all. Xx

Hi Gina, They will look after you very well at the clinic and of course I really hope you will be coming back later to say all is well but if things don’t go to plan then we are here with plenty of support for you, will be keeping everything crossed! Xx Jo 

How did you get on GinaP? Hoping it was good news xx

Hi Jo, thanks so much for your reply. I’m feeling confused as my mind isn’t totally at ease. The nurse I saw was pretty dismissive of the pain in my breast, armpit, shoulder & arm. The itchy breast & of the angry red, extremely itchy, puckered rash that leads from my armpit & towards breast. This is getting worse by the day. Anyway, I had mamogram & scan, which was very painful over the armpit & an area of the lower breast. I was told there was thickening, but mamogram was clear. I didn’t feel satisfied after the week & a half wait for the appointment not to have a biopsy. I know inflammatory breast cancer can’t always show on a mamogram or scan & I felt brushed off. At the time I didn’t know what questions to ask. So I left feeling odd. I should have felt elated. My daughters were over joyed when I told them that they hadn’t suspected anything nasty, but I know that there is something ‘not right’ with my body. I just wondered what anyone else thinks. Should I just ignore these symptoms & carry on? Would anyone else be inclined to push for a second opinion & would I even get one? I am afraid of being labelled a hypochondriac & that is far from my usual self. I’m just uncomfortable with the situation & feel i needed a biopsy.Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Xx

Hi Beach bum, Great name! Just posted re appointment & unfortunately I’m not feeling satisfied. Of course it’s fab to hear that nothing serious was suspected, however without a biopsy I’m not feeling 100% convinced. My symptoms are nagging inflammatory breast cancer to me. Xx

Make as much noise as you can!!!
Sometimes it’s not down to negligence but Drs/Nurses being under unbearable pressure so I would say you really need to shout. I was refused a mammogram 6 months ago due to my age (33) and now I’m awaiting an emergency appointment for a huge hard lump with a puckered rash and I have no idea how long it’s been there. I really wish I had made more of a fuss at the time especially as I had one age 17. I left after a biopsy and ultrasound feeling cold like you said. Never worry about being a hyperchondriac its your body and your life! Lots of love X

Oh Bethany, you must be so anxious. Rooting for you, sending positive vibes & hoping for a positive outcome! I think you’re right, I need to see my GP again, but I’m not too hopeful that even if she takes my concerns seriously I’ll be given another appointment & probably not another urgent referal. It was my GP who was more worried about my symptoms than I was initially, so I don’t doubt that she’ll be thorough. I’m worried that I’ll end up having to pay for a private biopsy. I just know that I won’t be able to move on until I’ve had all tests for inflammatory breast cancer as it’s not so easy to diagnose.
Hoping that you get your appointment soon. The waiting & thinking is awful. My very best wishes for a happy outcome. Keep us posted. Xx

Aww GinaP your mind isn’t at ease at all is it. I’d push for a second opinion! My friend has been battelling breast cancer and it wasn’t picked up on mammogram ( I believe it’s about 15% of case that aren’t ) it was only when they done needle biopsy that it was picked up. Push for answers until your completely satisfied. Xxx

Gina ,go back to G.P and discuss your concerns see what she suggests,if they haven’t given you a reasonable explanation for your symptoms you need further investigation.

Thanks for your reply Beach bum, I think I will go & see my GP this week. If the pain in my breast, armpit, shoulder & upper arm is something I have to live with, then so be it. Also if the rash is due to something else, then it can be treated. My GP advised me not to use any creams on it until after the appointment, it’s driving me mad, so that needs treating anyway. I really don’t feel that I can fully relax until I get a biopsy done. So I’m just going to have to risk being labeled a hypochondriac. Hopefully my GP will agree that I should have had one last week & insist on one. I so hope so! I can’t imagine the cost of a private one? I’ve emailed a local private hospital asking for pricing just in case I get nowhere. Thanks again. I really hope that you are coping with your wait & managing to find distraction. Look forward to your holiday & try to chill out as much as you possibly can. Thinking of you. Xx

Thank you Jill1998, I feel this is my only option if I’m going to get total reassurance. I’ve kind of gone beyond the anxiety, but I’d really like to know for definite & have a biopsy. I really don’t know whether my GP will be able to push for one, but I will pop & see her in the week & take things from there. Hopefully she gets some feed back from my breast centre appointment too. Very best wishes. Xx