The fluff left on my head....

Hi all,
First time on here but was hoping for some advice. I started to lose my hair on day 15 after my first chemo session and after about 3 days it just got ridiculous so mum got the clippers on it! I now have bits of fluffy stubble left and even though at the moment it doesn’t look bad im just thinking of when that starts to fall out. Ive just yesterday had my 2nd session (so feeling rather rubbish at the mo!) so im sure this will start to fall out soon and so when it starts to go patchy, i wondered if anyone had any ideas of how i can get rid of it all and go for the full “bald” look???

It takes time for the stubble to fall out. i was totally bald by number 3 then mine started to re grow after number 4!

Cant really suggest how to get rid of fluff faster! It does continue to drop out and you will notice your head will look a bit mangey- bits bald, bits stubbly!!!

Good luck with the rest of chemo.

Hi Nic
I got impatient and shaved mine with help from oh. used shaving cream and just did it all round.
Like Evie’s, mine started growing again after number 4
hope the treatment goes well for you xxx

I have just had my second chemo 2 days ago (15th) and have been having the cold cap too, but I dont think its going to work for me. I noticed my hair starting to come out on the friday just gone (3 days b4 2nd chemo) I had just washed it and the amount of hair ending up in the bath was a big shock - I really believed the cold cap would work 100%!! Then I washed my hair again yesterday and I could NOT get the comb through even with it smothered in conditioner… I cried, I thought I would have to get the clippers to it there and then, it was just like completly matted with loose hair. But I persevered and it took me a good 45 mins to comb it, with the majority of it just sitting in the bath looking like dead cat!! Im guessing 3/4 more washes and it will be history, I pick up my wig on friday tho, so the timing couldn’t be better.
I think losing my hair is going to hit me harder than the cancer itself because its a visual thing, other people cant see your cancer but they can see if you look like a “cancer victim”, but I know theres nothing I can do about it, and will just have to get on with it,
I have an enormous amount of respesct for all you women who have the courage to shave your heads, I dont know how to face that.
Well, enough rambling for now!!
Take care everyone, so pleased to talk to you

Wendy xx

Hi Nic

I shaved mine with the clippers on the Friday, 17 days after 1st FEC as it had started to fall out really bad and got matted when washing, in the end it was snapping off. Then even as a skin head it continued to fall out constantly over the next couple of days, so on the Monday I went to the wig shop to collect my wigs and asked the lady there if she would shave off the rest for me, which she did and took everythin off so it was completely bald, by then it was a relief. She said it was something they do quite a lot.

Wendy I felt the same about shaving my hair there was no way anybody was going to shave mine … In the end I needed to be the person to do it and must admit I sobbed first but once I took the clippers to it and looked at it my sister and I laughed (nothing else we could do I suppose!!) my sister tidied it up for me once I had done my bit.

Hope the treatment goes well for you both, take care
Debbie xxx

wendy,your experience with your hair sounds loke mine.Ihave been having the cold cap and had chemo no.5 yeaterday.
After the first one my scalp was an fire and having left my hair for 10 days(i was frightened of washing it) i did wash it and lost lots and it was totally matted,took me ages to comb it,i cried because like you losing my hair and facial hair was always going to be the worse for me.
I must say since then it has really settled down ,only really losing strands when i wash it or comb it,i wash it once a week with baby shampoo and blow dry it upside down on a cold heat to give it a bit of boost.It dosnt look brill cause no colours or straighteners but its mine ,i wear a hat or a wig when i go out but around the house i feel comfortable for everyone to see my messy hair,didnt really want kids to see me bald-although thet said it dosnt matter what i look like-like you i admire these ladies who are proud to be bald.
it is thin on top but iv only got one tax to go so hoping it will start growing soon. All the best
Jackie xxx

Hi Jackie

Stick to the coldcap, I finished my sixth on the 24 Feb (FEC X 3 TAXOL X 3) and have managed to retain a full thin covering, I sometimes dreaded washing it, and I lost the most from the 18th day to about two weeks into the second cycle, I then just shredded gradually all over, to me both the drugs where just as harsh, i feel you notice it more with the fec because that’s normally the first poison that’s used before moving on to the taxes.

I only washed mine once a week and let it dry naturally, but I am glad it worked,

good luck with your hair,
ann x

My hair fell out on day 11 after first FEC, so my husband shaved my head, but it left me with grey/white patchy stubble, that never fell out, so I just left it at that and it gave me something to play with, I used to spend ages stroking my head for some reason.
I am now just after FEC 5 and this stubble has now changed to a soft downy type of hair and it is starting to go darker, so I think my hair is trying to grow back. I am quite intrigued to see how it will come back, as I was a wavy haired brunette before the poison. Everyone seems to be a variation on a theme
Jane X

Thanks all for your feedback and comments. i think then its just a case of waiting for the fluff to fall out now! I guess i’m lucky in a way as i had quite short hair anyway. But it was always quite funky so still upsetting when i decided to shave it off. I do have a wig but its like shoulder length with a fringe which is totally different to my actual hair. One like my natural hair looked to much like a wig so i decided to go with something different. But now i fel more comfortable without it! Its funny how things pan out hey. Thanks again to all…i’m really glad i found this forum!
Hope everyone else is getting on well with everything (as well as you can!)
Chins up!!!