The June Jewels - one year on

About a year ago, a group of ladies who were due to start chemo in June 2013 got together to form the June Jewels. We have since supported each other through chemo, radiotherapy and for some through surgery after chemo. It has been a long hard slog and we are now trying to get on with our lives, taking things one day at a time, especially with our annual mammograms looming. Two weeks ago, 20 of us enjoyed a fantastic weekend together in York, which seemed a lifetime away when we were all going through chemo. But we made it through the first year and we know that the June Jewels will continue to support each other whatever the future holds. A huge thanks to Breast Cancer Care for making this happen.    

I’d like to second the comments from TaylorJ. I could not have made it through the past 12 months without the support of this wonderful group. For anyone who is dubious about using forums I would beg them to give it a go. Talking to other people at the same point in their treatment as you are is invaluable and got me through many wobbles. But for me the laughter has been every bit as important. It can be so tough getting through gruelling treatment and sometimes you just need something to smile about and these groups certainly provide those distractions.
We had an amazing weekend away and I am sure we will all remain friends for life. We saw each other through the toughest days and now it’s time to start looking forward to what the future holds. Thank you Breast Cancer Care for bringing my precious June Jewels together.

I am a June Jewel. I was definitly not a forum person but joining the June Jewels on Breat Cancer Care helped me enormously.  Just knowing others are sharing side effects stopped me panicing many times as it takes a while to find what is normal for the cocktail you on and what should cause concern. Meeting up with other Jewels in York was such fun and meeting the ladies I have laughed and cried with over the past year was wonderful. Other than the pixie hair cuts and don’t believe anyone could have guessed why this bonkers bunch of ladies were celebrating or appreciated the fear and pain this group had undergone. It has been an honour and a privilege to have met such an inspirational group and would urge anyone wondering whether to joing a Breast Cancer Care Forum to give it a try. I’m sure they could not regret it. XXX