The Kick up the backside Paclitaxel/taxol support thread. Buddies neededx

Would be good to hear from others on this drug. I started yesterday, three weeks on, one off.

we could share about how we find it and exchange ideas.


i am also taking turmeric and hoping it will reduce some of any side effects.




Hi moijan, I had 11 rounds of weekly paclitaxol Feb-April 2015. Found it infinitely more tolerable than my 3 rounds of FEC which brought my WBC down each time resulting in multiple infections in mx/recon site.

Three years on and memory is a little blurry but apart from fatigue and insomnia I did ok. I was cold capping and advised to continue as hair loss is an SE but my hair actually grew well, did lose eyelashes a few weeks after finishing and eyebrows thinned.

Hope all goes well x

I had this treatment, I found it very tolerable, I had carboplatin alongside
I did need those booster jabs at one point but didn’t have any delays in treatment
Fingers crossed it has a good go at it for you

Hi Moijan, I’ve just been switched from Paclitaxel to Eribulin after only 4 cycles. Never managed to complete each cycle as neutrifils count used to plummet. Had GCS-F injections most cycles but my onc didn’t want to keep giving them to me in case they caused further problems. Lost all my hair 2 weeks after the first dose which, although not unexpected, did seem quite quick! Suffered with nausea, tiredness & most of the usual side effects! It obviously wasn’t suitable for me! Hope it treats you better? 


Angela xxx

Hi Moijan!   How are you finding it.

i was at the Onc yesterday and I am about to start in a couple of weeks.

after almost five years on Lettozole my TMs started to rise, I was put on the Exemesteme/everolimus combo but it has n’t worked at all after 3 months so we are trying this.

I got the most dreadful mouth ulcers, and not able to eat much - still have a couple so ONC has taken me off treatment until I start the Paciitaxol.  I have lost over a stone in weight in about 4 weeks so am hoping to build myself up a bit before I start it.


the mouth ulcer/sore mouth SEs are what worries me most I think…