The Last One!!!!

Oh My God!!! It’s the last one. To anybody out there especially Ali & Babyboo who I think are almost at the end as well…Well done. I can’t believe that it’s come round that quick. My last CMF is on Friday - I cannot see beyond that day at the moment as I have willed it to come round quickly and it has. I feel a bit apprehensive as I am not sure what happens next - I think its a 5 year tamoxifen programme and hopefully back to some sort of normality in our lives … I can’t wait for some hairgrowth as it is very short at the moment. Lots of love and best wishes to anyone finishing Chemo.

Hi Julie

I just wanted to say Congrats and well done!!!

Best Wishes


Well done Julie! I was soo looking forward to my last one and am so glad it’s over. Got the magnifying glass out and a growbag to do the fuzz hunt!

Very good luck with is.

Cecelia. x

Brilliant Julie cannot wait for that feeling 2 more to go.

Well done you.

Kim x

fantastic news Julie, its a great feeling finishing chemo

OOOh Julie…Friday is drawing close…I am really nervouse…no idea why. I did say to Lars that it will be strange not to be in the ‘system’ as often any more… a nice feeling, don’t get me wrong…just odd. I am so looking forward to getting rid of the PICC line… the champagne and fresh prawns are nearly mine…mmmmmmmmm

I’m not far behind you… was supposed to start my last cycle of chemo tablets today, but it’s been delayed a week, because of an infection in my toe-nails… of all things!! Have done well up to now, avoiding any infections, so sods law that I fall at the final hurdle!! Still better a week’s delay, rather than possible ending up in hospital!
Good luck to the rest of you, with whatever comes next…


Hooray Julie, BabyBoo - Mammabee and Muddy too I think!
We have almost made it. I am really panicking about my bloods (they have been fine throughout, apart from one minor hiccup when I changed my chemo day and didn’t go the full 3 weeks). I guess I just want it over and don’t want anything to stop me getting it.
Roll on Friday, can’t believe it’s almost done - just the small matter of bi-lat mast and rads to get through - but hey, that will be the easy bit…hmmm we’ll see!!!

Best wishes to all of you - go celebrate.
Love and hugs

Brilliant JulieG
Is a fantastic feeling! Finished my chemo two weeks ago tomorrow and am climbing out of the pit well. Go for it girl! It is great!



Brilliant JulieG and well done. Good luck too to Ali and the others reaching the final. I have just had no 5 yesterday, so one more to go in 3 weeks … bring it on …

Go celebrate in style


Hi guys

Thanks for the support and good luck to all of you. Ali - Mastectomy will be a walk in the park after chemo - I had mine first and it’s not that bad - my next op will be my reconstruction that I hope to have March/April next year.

I thought I’d let you know that I had a IN THE PINK party on Monday and I invited mums from the school and childminding friends - I raised £165 for breast cancer - I feel really good about that as the team I have at Ashford & St Peters Hospitals in Ashford and Chertsey, Surrey have been fantastic and were very quick in diagnosing and treating me. I have lots of faith for a total recovery so I am fighting fit and ready for tomorrow. Lots of love


Well done Julie on raising the money, it’s also so good that you are confident your treatment is the best you can get.

Thanks for encouraging words on mastectomy too, I have that hurdle to cross but am greatly comforted by everyone saying I’m over the worst bit, i.e. chemo

Cecelia. x

well done and good luck all you girls approaching the light at the end of the chemo tunnel !!

love Diane x

Well done too Julie on raising the money. And ditto what Diane says, good luck to all of you ending chemo shortly, I have one more session to go as far as I know.

Take care

OMG Tomorrow is nearly here…eek…we wil be fine…eeek!

OMG indeed Babyboo - can you believe it? All the best, hope your veins are OK, mine are shot to hell - took 5 attempts and 2 nurses today just to do a blood test at the GP surgery!!!

Love and hugs

Hey Boo, JulieG and Muddy - are you done. I got back about 2pm - no drama with cannulas, they got it in on 1st attempt, that’s never happened before.

Anyway hope you are all OK. Well done!!! It’s odd now it’s arrived, but such a relief.

Love and hugs


Well done to all!!!

I finished just over 3 weeks ago and I know what an awesome feeling it is, good on 'ya’s!! Soon as you feel well enough be sure to crack open the bubbly and get celebrating, you certainly all deserve it.

Onwards and upwards for you all now. I started my Tamoxifen yesterday and start rads on Monday. Best wishes to you all,

Congrats once again!

Take care,


Well done Julie.

There are alot of us regulars that are just coming to the end of chemo now.
Crack open the champagne!!

Jules x