The little princess trust

I really wasn’t sure where to post this so Mod please feel free to move it :slight_smile:
after a WLE and ANC on 17th January a re-excision and cavity shave on valentines day I found out yesterday that I now have to have a mastectomy. Now I know this isn’t good news but by the end of yesterday I was beginning to feel that the cancer was controlling me so this morning I decided to take a positive step and make a decision because I wanted to.

I have always always all my life ( I am now 46) had very very long hair. When I found out I would need chemo I freaked out at the thought of losing my hair. So I went to see a specialist and tried on short wigs and was quite amazed to find they really suited me.

so today as I was feeling brave and somewhat pi**ed off at what the cancer is doing to me both physically and mentally I went back to the same place and had my hair cut into a very short bob. But ( and the point of this post). Is that my hair was first tied off and plaited before being cut. This plait will now be donated to THE LITTLE PRINCESS TRUST who make wigs for children who lose their hair through cancer and its treatments. I
So therefore out of this horrible roller coaster I feel as though it has not all been in vain and I have been able to help some one else.
If anyone else finds themselves in a similar position trust me it feels amazing as its like sticking 2 fingers up at the disease and saying that I CAN have some control.


well done!

wishing you the very best with your treatment. Hoping the thought that someone else will benefit from your hair will bring lots of happiness to you too.


What a lovely thing you did, how great that you will make a little persons life easier for them…
Maggie x

Taking back a little control, in whatever way that you can, is so very important. And if by so doing you can help someone else, that’s fantastic. Well done!

YAY for you! xxx

Well done to you, having some control is so very important on the road to recovery and recover is what you will do. I had WLE and ANC and then needed a mastectomy as well but i have now completed all treatment and am on the road to recovery.
Donating your hair was very brave, will benefit others and is massively positive well done xx