The Magic 5 Year mark

Is this counted from dx or from the end of the intensive treatment or is the length of time on arimidex? I was dx April 05, had mastectomy, chemo & rads. And went on arimidex Jan 06. Touch wood, I’ve had no probs and would like to know when I can count myself as “all clear” (as they love to say in the media!)


When I asked the oncologists about this, I was told the 5 years is from the date of surgery, which for me would be November 2011. If there was no re-emergence within the 5 year period they would then be able to tell me I was “technically cured”, of course that’s not to say it would come back beyond that. However, I know others have been told different things by their Drs, so I am sure there will be a few more postings coming on as this question comes round every so often.

I would be very wary of any profesionals telling you that technically after five years you could consider yourself clear. I suspect no matter what type of bc you have/had there are always going to be exceptions. If our fears are lulled by these reassurances there is a danger we will stop being on the alert. I had a new tumour after 5 years of being clear.


I wouldn’t say I’m reassured by it as being told you are “technically cured” is not the same as being cured of something. It’s just one of those terms that the medical profession like to use. I am fully aware that this could come back at some point with a more serious prognosis than the first one and emotionally and psychologically I’ve managed to get myself to the point where I’m able to cope with that being at the back of my mind.

At the moment I consider myself fortunate as I know someone who has been operated on for a malignant brain tumour in the past few months - they could not get all of it out and can’t say whether he will make it beyond 2 years. Don’t know how I would cope with that.