The Men's Virtual Meet Up

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012 , I was in desperate need to speak to other men who had gone through the same thing, for advice, hear about their experiences and to be honest just to shoot the breeze ! when I first met another man who had had BC I was really emotional .
There is now a Men’s Virtual Meet Up (VMU) that takes place every month, on Zoom, for such things . As well as all the above it is a support network for those of us who have gone through or are going through this bloody disease. Its very relaxed and has been compared to blokes having a chat in the pub but without the booze (although that is of course optional .
Here is an article explaining how what when where why (to quote Manhattan Transfer) 
New forum will bring men with breast cancer together (

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Attending the Men’s VMU is rather like going to the pub but we discuss breast cancer rather than football, well OK we talk about football and all sorts of other stuff too!

The point is that it is not a sad or stressful place, we really laugh lots, sometimes to the point of tears but are also there to provide group hugs and love to anyone going through a rough time.

We also exchange useful tips and interesting information and have had some great talks from specialists in the field of breast cancer.

So if you are or have been a male breast cancer sufferer, come join us and ‘feel the love’! 

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Hey, I’ve just signed up for this forum. Hope it goes from strength to strength. Can you guess who I am from my user name? :slightly_smiling_face: