The new forum is here!

Don’t seem to be able to bookmark threads on my tablet either. Or am I missing something? Managed OK on my PC!

So… I’d hoped one of the new options would be that when you replied to a particular message within a thread, your reply followed the message you were responding to as an offset thread below it, to keep conversations linked.
But instead I see we are back with the reply going next in the thread like any other message would!
A missed opportunity for improved responses I feel.

Being able to add the quote helps, but it doesn’t work as well as folk have to scroll messages.

And could someone please explain why can I only select English US or default English US?

I managed to upload a picture somehow - and use it for my avatar, but i can’t find how to change my name back to my user name instead of a silly number!

Apparently I registered 19/1/2038 at 3 something am!! No wonder it’s been an odd year… I’ve been time travelling! :stuck_out_tongue:     Where has my DX info gone? Other people still seem to have theirs in ‘bio’ - I’ve just got a bizarre list of statistics including the above.

Well done everyone, the forum looks great, will take a bit of getting used to as these changes always do and I need to ave a good look around but a couple of early things…
1). I think the unanswered threads is a good idea but all the ones in there are really old! I assume that it should show ‘new’ posts not ones from 2012!
2) I don’t like the fact that the default avatar looks like an ambulance…

How do I change the default language to English UK?  I do like the option of the spell checker, I just don’t like it telling me to spell stuff with a z.

Hi PennyCrow and Cressida,

I have passed your queries on.  We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Very best wishes


BCC Moderator

Sorry to be a pain - but I don’t seem to be able to alter my privacy settings so that ‘no one’ can see my email address.  The default setting is ‘friends only’ and I have deliberately not added any friends for that reason.  I fear other less computer savvy folk may be adding friends and not realising this?  Maybe setting the default to ‘no-one’ for this would be wise?


If I click the 'no-one radio-button and then save I get this message:


"Please correct the highlighted errors and try again.

Show private information in profile to: Please enter a value for this field."



Hi RevCat

Thank you for your post.  I have passed this on to the team.  We’ll be back to you as soon as possible.

Very best wishes


BCC Moderator

Hi again all,

I just wanted to pop on again to reassure you that we’re listening to all your feedback and working hard in the background to get everything humming along nicely. *attempts to glide gracefully, like swan, above surface*

GI Jane, I’m sorry to hear that the lady you spoke to via text is having trouble getting on. Please drop me an email: with her details, and I’ll ensure we pick this up straight away.

Janettekizzyry, it’s not possible to change your username in your profile. It’s one of the few things you can’t adjust yourself, so you will need us to make that tweak. If you mail us at the moderator email address, above, we’ll be sure to make that change for you.

Rattles, we now have a monthly chemo thread, which may be where you can find your buddies? The Genetics board is now Family history & genetics – hopefully you can carry on your conversations there now.

June22 - it’s a good point about only having US English as an option. The forum is a US product, so doesn’t have a UK option, currently. We’ll be sure to feed this comment back to the company though.

JCJ, good spot on the registration date-front - some registration dates were corrupted the last time the forum was moved, a year ago, so for those corrupted dates we have applied a standard date of 01/05/2012. We know lots of people will have registered prior to this but this is the best we could do. I hope this won’t prove to be too much of an annoyance!

RevCat – thanks for unearthing this particular issue – this has been passed on to the tech team and I’ll update you. Looks like KittieKat has found a solution in the meantime though.


Thank you again for taking the time to post your feedback. I’ll keep checking in and updating you all on the issues you’ve raised. We hope to have some shiny new FAQs in place very soon :womanhappy:

Thanks RevCat, it could well be a browser issue. I’ll report back as soon as we know more!

We’re also investigating the private messages issue that Jenifer mentioned here earlier. Jenifer - can I just check - have you lost ALL messages? I’ll email you directly to find out more and see if we can get to the bottom of that one!


I’m finding my way around the new forum, but I’m struggling adding photos as I use an iPad and its saying I need flash player installed before I can add photos, is there any way around this as flash isn’t supported on iPads but I could add photos on the old forum. Thanks in advance judy x

Hi MariaL


If you use the search facility (and type without errors!) you can find any thread.


Embarking is here:

Hi Zeppa,


You can find the lymphoedema threads here:


(in the ‘going through treatment’ bit of the forum, where one of the topic groups is ‘lymphoedema’)


In the view I get, there is a list of threads, each of which has a number (how many replies) an author (who started the thread) and person who posted last, along with the date they did so.


Hope that helps - it may be worth bookmarking any threads you want to keep (from thread options) for future reference.



OK… avatars…  I DID have an album possibility, and I uploaded a picture, which then became my avatar.  It seems to have gone… (the album possibilitly) or I’m going daft (equal possibility!) but I’ve looked on all the tabs and can’t seem to find what I once had… ah… how many times have we looked downwards and said that???





Hi, I find the newest thread at the top a problem too. In particular, my main issue is that I want to respond to everyone who posted since I last did but I can never see more than one person’s posts. If you flip back to see what someone has said, all the text of your new post you are in the middle of writing disappears. It is a fundamental part of blogging that you might want to respond to more than one person each time, can you sort this out please? We really, as a group, are not terribly hot on memorising multiple comments ( no offence to anyone who did not get the chemo memory swipe).


Zeppa, I have just discovered something…


under the box in which I am typing, are the purple words “view discussion in a popup” and it opens a new window with the last few comments.  I can flip backward adn forward (if I forget what any of you say!!!) it works really well…


hope that helps…



Lilly, my reply to Zeppa is for you too… I should have followed own instructions!!!



How can we delete or edit a posted post, anne x

That’s correct Kittecat, but in Firefox it seems still not possible to change it (error message as previously reported) and Cornishgirl’s fix didn’t work for me.  I wasn’t able to change it using Explorer either and am too lazy to download yet another browser!  For the time being I will settle for being a ‘billy no mates’ to keep my email address hidden from everyone :catvery-happy:

I was using chrome and it said public settings… And my email was in that section. That’s why I was wondering.
But thanks for checking x