The new forum is here!

At last, I can hear you all say!  How right you are!

We are so excited to have the long-awaited forum here and in the flesh, so to speak. 

While we are confident that this shiny, new, fit for purpose and supportive space will give you all you are looking for and more besides, we also recognise that there may be some things that are not working as they should. 

Please let us know of any problems your are experiencing by posting here.

It will be good to hear any feedback you may have about the forum.

With best wishes


Forum Coordinator

How do I find the “latest posts” view, that shows all of the latest replies to all posts in all sections?  I have seen the small section at the foot of the welcome to the forum section, but that doesn’t seem to resemble what we had before?


I always browse all forums in this way, rather than by section/topic, have I missed something?



This is a really minor one I’m sure, but I can’t upload an avatar picture… when I click the ‘upload’ link all that pops up is a blank box with an X to close it in the top right hand corner.  I am using Firefox on Windows 7, so don’t know if this combination is the problem?  No rush here, it may be something I’m doing wrong or settings on my laptop?

Hey we are back… And looking good. Well done team.

I like latest posts and when i was new i liked the list but now i cant be bothered wading through endless irrelevant posts… I prefer latest posts of the areas im interested in… Now off for a nose to see if i can find said sections.

Lulu xxx

I too think that removing ability to read latest posts is going to affect many users and the way they browse. I love the look of new forum and find it so much easier to navigate to the sections (especially the monthly chemo threads) but I think it’s important to have a link somewhere for users to see the latest posts. This way those who have been through an experience can help others. I think it’s often hard to pigeon hole all the threads that might be of interest to me when going through something so new and frightening as breast cancer. That way Latest posts was the answer. Hoping you will reconsider.

One minor thing, on mobile version the title of threads are too large so it’s hard to read the topic. And I don’t think it pulls in the most recent threads in the category pages on mobile either.



I have to echo Honeymonster… I miss the fact that there is not a list of all the latest posts. A quick link from the front page to such a list wouldbehelpful.


I also like the new look and that the posts are latest at the top - great for lazy people like me as the latest is right there when I open it. Haven’t tried to see what happens when there were a few posts that I have not read yet, but hopefully there will be a jump link to first unread like before?


I have not spent a lot of time on the forum just yet, but there are a lot of features that I like. Well done!


Revcat, I hope others also update their avatars soon. I used to recognise people on their profile pics rather than their names. :slight_smile:




PS After previewing this message and coming back to change something, I got an error message: “Your post has been changed because invalid HTML was found in the message body. The invalid HTML has been removeed. Please review the message and submit the message when you are satisfied.” Now it won’t let me preview anymore. I promise you that I know nothing about HTML and did not even add an emoticon. Just straight typing…

Sorry but I don’t understand what’s going on here.


Why is the most recent post of each thread up at the top so that I have to scroll down to the bottom and then scroll up to the top again as I read each post in order? Will there only be one page to each thread, however long?

Also why have all my personal messages not been transferred to the new forum? You specifically promised that this would not be a problem. :frowning:

I really miss the ‘latest’ forum replies, mainly because I may not be interested in a particular ‘topic’, but I may want to see how someone is. 


The ‘boxes’ that we are invited to choose from to post, feels very ‘narrow’ it can be difficult to know where to place a subject.


I am finding it all a bit confusing too…but I guess it will take time


I did not mind the old forum

I also miss latest post.  Sometimes I just browse it to see what is being talked about.  Sometimes this leads me to join in on a topic that I would not have looked at.  I will probably just now check the small number of threads I follow and then just go away.  I think it will be a loss to new users who will find that more experienced users may not even notice their threads.  I am not suggesting that anyone will miss my wisdom in particular, but I think it just seems like new users will just end up talking to each other, unless the rest of us can be bothered to trawl through a series of sections one at a time.  Surely some way to have it as an option that people could choose to look at?

ohh i think its time for me to move on…i haven’t a clue whats going on here??no latest posts??i think the set up of this is really hard work??or is it just me…sorry i dont like it.i found this post by pure luck,can not find anything else.please delete my account;-(

Ooooh, lovely shiny new forum - I must explore!


Two little feedback points so far:

  1. I had the same problem as RevCat but I was on IE - I couldn’t load an avatar. I had no problem with Chrome.
  2. My registration date is showing in my profile as 01-05-2012 01:00 AM. I was a member long before that, so why is that date showing?

That’s all for now - well done BCC techy team - I hope the broom cupboard isn’t too smelly after having you lot incarcerated in it for so long!


Jane xxx

Agree with everyone else on here…and why is the thread page upside down?

I‘ve only been able tto view the new style forum on my mobile and like some other users my thread page is upside down.
Although I saved my avatar as advised by the mods it has disappeared. Not really a big problem as I can reset the avatar.

Forgot to mention that I can‘t find the PM section.

Just a thought - on the home page of the forums, when you have signed in, if you look under the search box at the right hand end is a really useful ‘help’ facility which explains how to do most things… and does it far better than I do!

I miss the latest posts too, but I’m sure I’ll get used to not having them. What I won’t get used to is how difficult it is to post on my tablet ( and presumably on my phone too) I can’t stretch the screen to enlarge the text and I can’t SEE what I am typing as it disappears behind the keypad and won’t scroll up. All I can see is my first line of text, so apologies if this make no sense! :frowning:

GIJane: has your friend had an email to reset her password? Has she done that? I couldn’t log in at first because It kept telling me no-one existed with that name and password. I got really annoyed… and then I read my email inviting me to the new forum and telling me to reset my password. Maybe that’s what she needs to do? Just a thought.

sorted the picture - uploaded something into Albums and selected it from there…


my friend is in too bad a place to read things carefully, but I’ll ask here about the email tomorrow (though it didn’t help me, I resorted to trial and error!)

I want to change my avatar, but when I click to upload an image, an empty box opens with no information in it at all.

If I go to Avatar > From uploaded images… part of the instructions, it says to “go to your My Images page (the link is on your profile page) and upload a new image”

I can’t find a ‘My Images’ link on my profile page!

Teething troubles no doubt… but I do miss having a name - not a number, and I miss the left side menu that took me where I wanted to go straight away.
I did ask to keep that side menu in the testing stage but others might not miss it. :frowning: