The New Girl

Hi everyone.
This is my first time so will probably do something wrong. I was diagnosed last wednesday with cancer in my left breast. Shock as you all know. Then they spotted something not quite right on the mammogram in my right breast and had the results this morning that i have Mucinous cancer in that one as well. Only got 2 breasts so hopfully thats as bad as its going to get.
I just want to say what a wonderful site this is. Just been reading some of the messages people have written and there is such a feeling of frienship and support from everyone and its already given me hope and to know there is so many wonderful women going through the same as me.
I am going in hospital on wednesday and they will be operating on both breasts at the same time, so will get it all over with in one go.
I wish everyone the best of luck with whatever they are going through and will be back to let you know how it all went soon.

Hi Roma

I was diagnosed after screening with cancer in both breasts too. Funny I never seem to hit the jackpot when I buy a lottery ticket!

Good luck with the surgery and ongoing treatment.

welcome roma, shame you have had to join, but like you have already seen its the place to be. xxxxx

hugs and always here to support. x

hi roma
sorry you are here. but like poppy333 said it is the place to be. good luck with what ever comes your way. sending huge hugs xxx gaynor

Roma, I hope your surgery goes well and that you make a speedy recovery. If you have to have further treatment, be sure to look at the threads by people who are having similar treatment. This can be very helpful. While people often post about problems, the threads aren’t all doom and gloom.

Good luck


Just to let you know I am thinking of you and hope your op goes OK

Big hug

DaisyGirl xx

evening and welcome, I too have had cancer in both breasts, mind you mine had a 14 year gap inbetween!!! didn’t know about this site then ( if it existed) but boy am I glad I found it and I’m sure you will be too, all the best and keep us posted xxJ xx

Hi roma and welcome to the BCC forums

In addition to the valuable support you have here the BCC helpline is open weekdays 9-5 and Sat 9-2, here you can speak to one of our team for further support and information.

BCC have also published a resource pack for those newly diagnosed, if you would like a copy just follow this link:*/changeTemplate/PublicationDisplay/publicationId/82/

Take care

Hi everyone. Well had surgery last week but didnt go as well as we all hoped. Managed to get the left breast sorted out and lymph glands are being checked to see if it has spread. Right side was a problem, they couldnt get the lump out due to a botched biopsy the previous week. To much swelling & bruising to see properly & my surgeon said in 14 years this was the first one she had failed to get out.
So now have 2 incredibly sore boobs & will have to go back in on 7th June so they can try again. One funny moment though, when i came back from theatre i was so blue from the dye they said i could play the lead role in the film Avatar. Missed my one chance of an acting career.
I hope everyone is pulling through and keeping there chins up. Thankyou for all you lovely messages of support. It did actually make me cry to know complete strangers welcomed me so warmly. I class you all as my bossom buddies now. ( sorry terrible pun). I wish you all my love & support & long may we all be here for each other.

Roma xxxxxxxxxxxxx

good luck with ur op and recovery huni xx

roma,thats pants 4 u, thinking of u in june xx hi longlashes, not read ur posts 4 a while, hope ur doing ok? alex xxx

hi alex. im doing ok had surgery yesterday so a little sore but bearable tho. awaiting 3rd june for results. then starting chemo…but im ok hope you are okies. take care every one xx

Im sending you all lots of hugs,
speedy recovery and take care