The New Normal - what is it?

So ladies, this seems to be the term used for life afterwards. My outcome is a very lucky one; I realise that isn’t the case for everyone, so I hope I don’t inadvertently upset anyone. I understand that I’m very tired. What I don’t understand is that society seems to consider the matter closed once you have “kicked it’s butt”. You are seemingly supposed to be celebrating. People mean well, but the reality is far from the ethos, as I see things. I’m not advocating we all go around ringing a handbell, saying " woe is me I’ve just been through a hellish experience", but are we expected to draw a line under it all and pretend life is great, when it was a lot better before those cells in my breast decided to mutate. Wear an emotional mask for friends, colleagues, acquaintances? I’m going to need a whole load of acting lessons, if that I’d the case ( Colin Firth free this month anyone happen to know?) .

Or do you have a sort of a preprepared mantra. Something like, yes I’m well enough now to work, drive, not be emotionally attached to my PJs, however I am still recovering, so please bear with, as I might have my moments in the months ahead. 

Time to transition back into the real world, but it’s like growing a new personality? 



Hey Wonky,


love the name ??


i had my last chemo session 4 weeks ago this coming friday… so everyone says " oh but you look so well "…  its amazing what a bit of make up can do i reply.

have you had the all clear now ???   No, not for 5 years… hopefully…

i do like your scarf,  it really suits you…  i’d far rather have my hair…


so when i tell them that the recovery time is 3-6 months…  they say what do you mean ??  So then i have to explain that ive had poison in my body for the past 3 mnths that not only will kill any rogue cancel cells that might be floating around,  but it also attacks my normally healthy body which then takes time to recooperate… plus getting rid of those god dam awful side effects…??..

i try not to get cross but i’m fed up explaining myself ?‍♀️?‍♀️


So yes i do understand completely where ur coming from…  is there a new " normal " for me after cancer… already had it twice in 2 years… i certainly hope so,  just how i will handle it i dont know yet but i’ll let you know ??

heres to looking forward to xmas,  hope to have a but more hair by then…???

take care…mini mad xx ??

Hello Wonky ? 

Absolutely agree with you… New Normal… Still adjusting and still in bereavement for aspects of my Old Normal three years after diagnosis.  Not saying you can’t get on with things and have the grateful ingratitude of still being here etc but I can not think of one aspect of my life that it has not affected and that I have had to adapt.  I don’t go round with head in my hands moaning woe is me,  but every now and again I do need an emotional release which I consider healthy and dare I say it… Normal. 


I once saw an article by someone who had finished treatment for primary breast cancer and she was saying that she was glad she had the experience of cancer so she could now help others.   I will try my best to use my experience in a positive way but feel I really could have done without it. 

Take care of yourself Wonky, 

Chick ? x

Jaybro is keeping her lips buttoned ;) 


Dammit, I have to add something. Ever read Charles C Finn’s poem “Please hear what I’m not saying?”



For those interested in this thread. Possibly we can give each other ‘Christmas Gifts Of Inspiration’. A kind of an Advent Card ? (I apologise for any offence to anyone of Different Belief; join in to share your thoughts, from your own perspective! ) . Hope and joy to all for this December Wonky. X