The new wonder drug article

Hi Ladies,

Just had a phone call from my mum telling me about an article in the Daily Mail on the 9th of April all about a new wonder drug that is supposed to be even better than herceptin, its being heralded as the new wonder drug, and can treat not only breast cancer but other cancers like prostrate, pancreatic, bowel, and ovarian cancers anyone else heard about this? or have any other information?

Here’s the link

Whilst on the subject did anyone see the Horizon program called “Defeating Cancer” definately worth checking it out on iplayer if you missed it.

Love and light
Sarahlousie xx

Hi Sarahlouise

Thanks for sharing this, it’s not something I’ve heard about before but interesting.

Moondog x

There is a slightly more scientific article about this here…

The study that inspired the Mail piece was published here…
but unless you are a subscriber you can only read an extract.

Not wise to take too much notice of anything you read in the Daily Mail I’m afraid.

It’s primary aim is to sell newspapers and any thing that can highlight miracle drugs etc will do the trick.

As Kittiekat says , you need to go back to the source material…

Thanks Kittiekat for sharing the scientific info links will check them out, and yes topsymo I understand you can’t believe everything you read and that the mail would use such information as an incentive to encourage us to buy but have to say I did not mean to encourage anyone to buy the dam newspaper just pointing out what was brought to my attention and sharing it, having secondaries means I grasp at anything that might offer a potential cure or prolong my life and at the very least it provides some sort of hope, other than the media and this site where else do you hear about such new drugs? Me personally I will take whatever is out there and I’m glad that my mum phoned me and told me about it otherwise I would never of known and wouldn’t be here typing this up.

Just read the links Kittiekat the first one is just about digestible for a no brain like myself and the second one just went way over my head, I think that this illustrates the problem with scientific papers which may be properly informed and absolutely correct, at least we can all understand the words the newspapers write, like I said I’m no rocket scientist I’m actually an artist and anything that academic is way beyond my brain power now if your talking spiritually/artistically then I’m in LOL. Next time I see my Onc. I will ask him about these drugs, I have an ongoing list that I add too for my appts.

Love to all
sarahlouisie xx

Thanks for the links - really interesting reading.
I have a plan to hang on for a couple more years until a ‘miracle’ drug comes along (I have had this plan for 3 years so far it’s an ongoing thing :-))
Maybe this will be the drug that does the trick!

It seems promising, and I will keep my fingers crossed that it works as well in humans as in mice.
But on a more amusing note, my daft sister saw an article about this vaccine in a newspaper in New Zealand, and sent me an Email (marked urgent), telling me a cure had been found, and had I thought of asking for it at my GP’s surgery. She means well, but every time she see’s the words cancer cure, she doesn’t bother to read any further, thinks everything is sorted, and all I need to do is ask for the treatment …if only!

Hi Ladies,

Lemongrove - I know what you mean about others thinking that there is a cure and all we need to do is ask our GP LOL, my brother was the same when I was first dx he was adamant that taking hemp oil and living on a juicing only diet would cure me, how I wish it was that simple, I do drink a pint of green veg juice a day but also eat real meals otherwise I would be miserable just drinking juice all day, the funny thing is since my dx its affected my brother to the extent that he is drinking 2 lots of fresh juice a day, including doing wheatgrass shots which taste vile, going out jogging all this health stuff, I suppose he’s fearful that he may get cancer, the weird thing is he’s still smoking you would of thought that would of been the first thing to change!

There has been so much recently about cancer and new drugs to treat it, am I just picking up on this because I have cancer a bit like a cancer radar? or is this a new phenomenon, is there more people getting cancer at the moment? I’m finding it really strange, since I was dx it seems everywhere I turn someone else I know or within my circle is being dx with some sort of cancer?

I pray everyday that they will find a cure for this terrible disease and that we may all be free of it.
Love and light
Sarahlouise xx

Hi all my onc told me the papers are always saying they have found a wonder drug he went on to say if they have I’d be giving you it lol it’s all in research stage lets hope they hurry and find one also my old bcn rung me was talking away and sd it’s been manic at the clinic god must be load more getting it like sl sd everywhere u turn someone as it my oh swears it’s in the food or air to trigger it off to many of us getting it but that’s a dif story

Hello everyone,

Here’s a link to the article my mum was talking about in my first post on this subject (she’s sent me the newspaper article) also this link

When you google the word ImMucin you do get quite a lot of info on it and it appears there are trials in Israel going a head on this drug at the moment.

Love and light
Sarah xxx