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Hi everyone,
I know I havent been on really since my diagnosis, but I found myself retreating into myself to be able to cope with all this. I know thats cowardly of me and I’m sorry…
Anyway, I thought I would pop on and see how everyone is getting on and update you all on what has been happening with me…
I had my lumpectomy and 7 nodes removed 2 weeks ago tomorrow, and I went back to get then histology results this morning… The good news is that they got clear margins on the tumour removal and the nodes were clear. Which was all a huge relief. But due to my age and the fact that it wasnt hormone receptive means they want me to start chemo 2 weeks today, the FEC regime they said… I dont want chemo :confused: I know its wimpy of me, but I hate feeling sick all the time and I have been through several really bad bouts of manic depression and have felt really drained through some of them, so I’m really dreading that aswel… Sorry I’m rambling and dont seem to be able to stop my fingers typing… Ahhhh !! Sorry :confused:
I’ve started making crystal remedies which I hope will help me get through this emotionally, and I am planning on trying my hand at a few herbal remedies. Trying to keep myself busy…
My husband and kids have been wonderful, my daughter, who is 21 next month, has been cooking as much as she can and the boys have been helping my hubby with the housework… its tidier here than it normally is when I’m fully on my feet !! lolol…
Is anyone else on fec? how are you coping?
I will sign off for now, sending you all, all my love and hopes and healing hugs…
Sheri xxx xxx xxx

Hi Sheri,

I have put for you below the link to BCC’s publication about FEC chemotherapy, you may find it useful. Have a read at the sticky thread ‘top tips to help get you through chemotheraphy’ there’s lots of useful hints and tips there that others have found help.

FEC publication:

Hope this helps, kind regards,
Jo, Facilitator

Hi Sheri
Congratulations on the clear margins and clear nodes - wonderful news!
I had my mastectomy and full node clearance on 16th Dec - unfortunately all 17 nodes removed were infected. I have to have 8 zaps of FEC - I’m due my 3rd zap tomorrow.
Please try not to worry too much about the sickness and don’t read too many horror stories - they don’t apply to everyone!
The side effects ARE manageable and the anti sickness meds they give you are really effective. You even get back-up ones for when you have finished the prescribed ones so there’s no need to suffer. If you are unfortunate with sickness, just speak to your ONC and they can review your meds.
The management of chemo side effects have come on in leaps and bounds so please try not to dread it too much (easy said I know) but I speak from experience!
So lovely that you have a very supportive family (my hubby has been absolutely brilliant).
I’m sending you loads of strength and good luck with your treatment.
If you need any more info, just ask.
Love Sue xxx

hi sheri - don’t be sorry that you went quiet - we all find ways to deal with this horrible thing so do whatever helps…saying that we’re here if you want to talk too!! Chuffed for your results etc and like me you’ll start chemo soon - I get my first today…keep well…mary x

Hi sheri I too had to have chemo because I was triple negative.I had 4 fec and 4 tax.fec wasnt too bad at all.I was only sick once after each treatment the night of the chemo.Good Luck,Valxx

Hello everyone

Val - can I just ask, how did you find the Tax after the FEC side effects wise ? Was there much of a difference?
Don’t want to speak too soon but I havn’t been too bad on the FEC (had 3rd one yesterday) and have one more, then start the TAX so just want to be prepared !

Sue x

I found the tax worse than the fec although I wasnt sick at all.Bear in mind that the effective dosage is calculated according to your weight and I am a fat 64 yr old!Tax one produced really severe bone and muscle pain which lasted about 4/5 days.Once I was told to take cocodamol and diclofenac together it got much better.Next time my onc suggested paracetamol and ibuprofen taken before the pain started and I never had any more pain.From then on the main tax probs were breathlessness[severe],fatigue and diarrhoea combined with a kind of 'spaced out’feeling.I also had a very bloody nose.After tax 4 I had neutropenia and ended up in hospital for 48 hours.I was worse than most people are on tax and the best advice I can give is to listen to your body and rest as much as possible.Good Luck[ask me anything you like]love Valxx

Hi Val and thanku for your response.

Gawd sounds like you’ve been through the mill on Tax!
I’ve made a note about the paracetamol and ibuprofen before the aches start.
To be honest the worst thing I’m dreading is the possible allergic reaction as it’s being administered - my onc told me about this yesterday and it frightened my to death!
However I’m trying to keep positive and just hanging on to the fact that this is an unusual occurence and you are in the best place if it does happen.
Thanks again Val and take care
Sue x

Dont worry about the allergy thing.A nurse stays with you the whole time and watches carefully for any signs.She will also tell you what to look out for.If you are allergic there are two possibilities;either they will give you Piriton an try again or try you on a reduced dose.If it is still iffy they may just give you more fec instead.It is quite unusual to have a sever allergy though and chances are you will sail through!Love Valx

Thanks again Val - I do hope I will sail through and I’ll certainly keep positive!
Take care
Sue x