The night before


So… I have my second round of EC tomorrow.

My head has been all over the place today with what I can only describe as a sense of sustained apprehension 

I don’t think it helped seeing the oncologist yesterday for my first meet face to face with him. I asked about flu jabs and COVID boosters and he said the best time to get them done was when we are feeling at our best (a couple of days before the next round usually) … so I went and got my flu jab yesterday. Gladly I’ve had none of the usual sore arm and achy shoulder but it did steal my precious energy and  I had to have a nap this afternoon, that wasn’t expected! 

oncologist discussed the side effects from the last set of chemo and it kind of dawned on me that the accumulative affects will probably be a bit worse this time? Has anyone found that? 
Mix that in with the rubbish weather and finding half my hair left in my woolly hat on its removal this evening I’m feeling pretty crappy… I was loving my buzz cut, sad that it’s not even lasted 7 days without the shine coming through I had a wig appointment yesterday also…  that didn’t quite work for me, the ones we tried left me looking either  like one of the Beatles, a very old lady,  or someone that you knew would ‘demand to see the manager’ I think I’ll continue to look for some online. 

anyway just wanted to pop up with random musings of the night before Chemo day. Just to see if it’s a normal thing…

Hope everyone is recovering well xxxx 

Confused, deep breath step by step lovely. Chemo can build up in your system, do speak to the nurse line on here, it’s not unusual your team keep eye on everything throughout your full chemo treatments if you have a luvyababes near you do look at their wigs (not the fancy dress ones) they have great wigs were under £20 when I got a few back in 2017, was happier in them than a very expensive real hair one do have a look if you can. Keep your fluids flowing don’t forget :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :sparkles: :sparkles: Shi xx