The nodes positive issue.....

I just wish some people would stop saying how happy they are just because they haven’t had node involvement…what about us ladies who have? what inspiration is that giving us? just a rant…sorry…i feel that because i have had node involvement that i am doomed and anyone else who is new to this breast cancer stuff will feel the same as me… i’ll probably get in trouble for saying all this…lol…just had to get it off my chest…so to speak…:wink:

sorry about this post but i was having one of those moments…

sorry about this post but i was having one of those moments…

You are allowed to have moments and moan KB. Al I want to say is that I did have node involvement and that was 23 years ago and I am still alive and kicking. Hope you are feeling a bit better and have time to enjoy the weekend. Val

You are allowed to have moments and moan KB. Al I want to say is that I did have node involvement and that was 23 years ago and I am still alive and kicking. Hope you are feeling a bit better and have time to enjoy the weekend. Val

That’s what this site is for. To rant during those moments! :slight_smile:

And sorry, I am one of the guilty. Naturally I was relieved that I had no node involvement, but I’m sure there will be reasons for you to be relieved, when things are not as bad as they could have been?

I have suffered terribly with guilt that I’ve got away relatively lightly with ‘just’ WLE, SNB and no node invlovement. Then I realised many other ladies felt the same. (We visit the guilty bench in BENCHLAND when we need to!)

Some people with node involvement make a complete return to health with no recurrence and some with clear nodes have a recurrence and/or secondaries, so there’s no need to be despondent about your results. Just take each step at a time, get through all the treatments and remember that many many more people are getting through this disease and putting it behind them!

On here, we all share in each others small celebrations and offer support when it’s not such good news.

Good Luck! x

Hi KB,
Everything is a worry whatever your diagnosis. Remember that the oncs base their treatment plan for you and your prognosis on many things. Node involvement is just one of many factors. Grade of tumour, vascular invasion, response to hormones and HER2 etc are all taken into consideration. And, as has already been said, many people with node involvement continue their lives with no further problems, while some without have further recurrences etc. We none of us know what the future will be, so try to make the best of each day and not worry too much - not easy, but it helps.
Best wishes. Stella

I wanted to reply to this post but stupid forum wont let me …why?

Hi, I had no node involvement but wasn’t in any way triumphant and the doctor seemed puzzled at my indifference when given the results. The reason is that my dear sister, who was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 40 four years previously had phoned me crying with joy that her nodes were clear despite a very large Grade 3 tumour diagnosis. Her cancer returned and spread about 18 months later and she died last July just 3 weeks after my diagnosis with the same Grade 3 aggressive, large tumours. So I know only too well that there’s no guarantee of a good outcome either with node involvement or without. We just all have to hope for the best. Jan.

Aww thank you so very much, ladies, for your replies. i am just so damn scared though. I am trying to get my head around it all, i was only dx a month ago. i never knew BC was so complicated. i thought they just cut the tumor out and that was it. It’s all happened so quickly. i am also grade 3 and had a 5cm tumor,im having FEC-T, 3 rounds of fec then 3 rounds of tax and Herceptin for a year. What i find weird is i dont feel ill…

Scottishlass, you are an inspiration…it just prooves it’snit a death sentence… …xx

Also what i got confused about is that my surgeon said it was good news that they’d got all the cancer out, so does this have something to do with clear margins? Hows it good news if its spread to nodes? I dont see how there are any positive vibes in all of ths. Also i was told that my blood results were clear, yet i had extensive node involvement.Saying that i know they can tell by tumor markers or something…Sorry if i am coming across as really thick here but everyone comes across has so knowledgable on here…x

KB - we all started out as you did when we were first diagnosed, knowing nothing about BC so don’t apologise.
If you look at other threads on this site, you may come across several ladies who have had to have several operations as they did not get clear margins, so in this respect you are one of the lucky ones in that they got it all on the 1st go.
Unfortunately BC is a disease that has not yet been fully mapped by the scientists so even the experts are still learning which is a bit of a worry, but the majority do the best they can using the latest information available to them when determining what our treatments should be. On this site there is usually at least one person who will be able to answer any question tht a ‘newbie’ may have.

For info - I was node neagtive on my 1st diagnosis 2 3/4 yrs ago but am currently undergoing treatment for a recurrence, so as other ladies have said, the issue of node involvement is not cut and dried.
Good luck with your treatment and hope all goes ok for you.

I do know what you mean about ‘doom and gloom’… when i got the full pathology I initially felt lifted as I had clear margins and clear nodes… my onc soon brought me back to reality by saying that lymph is only one way of cells moving around, they can also move around in the blood all clear nodes mean is that the cancer hasn’t chosen that pathway at the time of surgery.
BC is such a fickle disease. Two ladies can have exactly the same diagnosis yet one gets recurrences and the other never does.
I am now in the chemo part of my treatment and do you know, i never really think about my prognosis any more, just do each day as best i can. Life is good and rich. Never thought I would say that back in january when I was diagnosed.

Pixie xxx

Thanks again ladies, i guess because i am new to all this, i am thunking alsorts ,but the onc wasn’t very positive. Because it was in my nodes and the fact it was a grade 3,and the tumor was 5cm and had probably been there a while, he was more or less telling me that the cancer was more advanced so it hasnt really being caught as early as they’d like. In fact i was wondering that if the cancer has spread to nodes is that classed as secondary cancer? And im still confused by the fact that it was good news because my bloods are clear. They say one thing then say another. When i asked about the bloods the BCN said that there were no abnornalities showing in my liver, bones and kidneys etc. I think this is always the scariest thing of worrying if it’s spread or not…
Anyway i’m having adjuvant chemotherapy (precautionary) why they’ve put precautionary in brackets confused me.They have basically told me they are throwing in the kitchen sink, so I’m having FEC-T and Herceptin and rads. My first chemo session is on the 28th of May.Today I am going to have a look at wigs.I can’t wait…not…lol. I must admit i’m getting scared about having my first chemo…However I do feel that as much as there are so many side affects with chemo i also know its going to blast any other cells that might be hovering around in my body.

Hi KB,
My diagnosis was very similar to yours too. Small tumour 9mm but grade 3 no node involvement Her2+ but Onc said same as yours re chemo, so I too am having EC-T, Herceptin and rads . However, I really just popped in to say so far Chemo hasn’t been too bad at all for me (touches wood) and I go for EC number 4 next Tuesday so will be halfway through. Yes, I’ve lost my hair but still retaining eyelashes and brows at the min. I actually love my wig as had it trimmed to my own hairshape and I do wear it when I go out but wear sleep caps during the day for work… Just a little hand squeeze and to wish you all the very best.

I so know what you mean - i am fed up with being told ah but you have so many lymph nodes affected…like its really bad news. what about the fact that they were doing the job they are supposed to do, as half were affected and half weren´t…???
I´m also really fed up with doctors who give you the serious you are in a bad way look when it does not necessarily mean that at all!!! Sometimes I even wonder if ther doctors are a bit scared of cancer as well…

Just jumping in her. I was dx in May 10 with lots of node involvement. Terrified me, had 6 doses of TAC chemo, but here I am feeling really well, and have been back at work full time for 16 months now.
There are so many factors surrounding BC, node involvement is only one of them, so take heart, and remember we are all so different, what affects one person may not affect another.
Very best wishes to all you starting out on this journey
Dotty2 x

Thank you once again ladies for all your responses, it’s really helping. I was a bit dubious about this site at first as i was worried i might get depressed when i was hearing other peoples stories.It’s not so bad now,there are so many people in the same boat…
Kittyqueen, funnily enough i went to see a lady about wigs today and tried various ones on .She brough out various different styles. my mate took photos of each wig i tried on. i actually quite enjoyed myself and we did have a laugh. i have chosen one that is very similar to my own hair and it looks b*****y fab.I must say i was very impressed. I was a bit worried about the losing of hair issue but now ive seen the wigs i feel so much better. It really did give me confidence because i thought that the wigs would look false… a bit like lego heads…lol but they look b****y fantastic. In fact they look better than my own hair…lol. I am also purchasing a wig stand, the conditioner that they recommend when you wash it out and some lovely hats that you can wear with lovely scarves and broaches etc. The wigs i was trying on were worth £200 ffs…lol but im getting mine free coz they are NHS ones. I am also going to have my hair cut very short just so that it wont be so traumatic when it actually does start falling out. i will wear my wig when ive had my hair cut short so that nobody realises ive had any cut off.It will be like a security blanket. I dont mind if my undercarriage,bum hair…ha ha…sorry… and armpit hair drops out though…ha ha…well it saves on the waxing etc…

Sashca, yes i totally agree, they make out that node involvement is the end of the world. I am not really happy with my onc tbh,i like my surgeon though. i wonder if i could change oncs?

Dotty when they told me i had extensive nodes involved i was absolutely terrified too. I never knew that BC was so damn complicated. It’s a b****** tbh…lol…sorry to swear.

And i know im changing subject here but everywhere i go i keep seeing stuff about cancer, i dont know if its because i have got it and im noticing it more.just a rant…lol…

K x

Here I am over 4 years out from DX and all is well. I was scared stiff when I was dx with 4 positive nodes. I googled too much and scared myself silly. But all is well and I’m fine.
You’ll be fine too. It’s a scary time when you’re first dx. Your head is all over the place. But there are plenty of people out there who are out the other side like me, and getting on with their lives.

Thanks Maltomlin,Glad you are doing fine.

Like you, i googled about positive nodes and it also scared me too.
I’m having my first chemo today, at 12.30…I am really dreading it but it’s got to be done.

K x