The pill

Since my diagnosis in December Ive gone through numerous causes alcohol for one now im onto the pill

I suffer from PCOS so commenced cerelle mini pill progesterone only more than 5 yrs ago  anyway i thought id stop it at 55 this june which is when you can finish it everytime i came of it i got terrible PMs so could this be a cause

westie ruth

Hi WestieRuth,

Anyone can develop breast cancer, and in the course of a woman’s life there’s around a 1 in 8 chance that she’ll develop it at some point.

Yes, there are some factors which may slightly increase the risk but just that. Slightly increase the risk. There’s a bit more info in this BCN leafIet,

I don’t think anyone can ever say exactly what the cause of bc was for any individual. So I think it’s best not to over analyse, since none of us will ever know for sure. Sometimes its just the luck of the draw. 

Regarding your mini pill med’s for PCOS (it sounds like you are still taking them?), have you discussed this with your oncologist? They are the best person to advise re any risks which may be associated with that, based on your specific type of bc diagnosis. Your GP should also be able to assist on the basis that they will have been sent a copy of your diagnosis report.

I hope that helps.

Please don’t go round in circles looking for answers to questions which no one will ever be able to answer! It’s a fruitless mission. Look forward and discuss your med’s with your oncologist.

Seabreeze X