The pink unicorns of male breast cancer are coming.!

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012. stage 3 i.d.c. if anyone wants to be specific. already I can hear people going. “A man? with breast cancer?” after 4 years of this from top medical peoplem to the ordinary man and women in the street I have written a book of my expiriences of Male breast cancer. simple fact the mortality rate for women is 19% for men 25%  Why? when breast cancer is easier to diagnose and treat in men.?? The media and cancer organisations have femenised rthe disease. men  and women believe men are immune. so they present at the late or too late stage of the disease. I hope that my book will help bring about a change.

I was in nursing for nearly 40 uyears. all I knew was that men could get it but it was very rare. and even that is much more than most people.!



Hi Alan,we’ll done for publicising this and I hope your book helps bring more awareness of the risks to men too.Hope you are doing ok .